The Perfect Shower Combo

Lagona Quince Pear Harmony Shower Gel The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee

I was grocery shopping in a organic shop I had never been in before, so obviously I had to check out their beauty isle! I actually found some little gems there - mainly products from Lavera, Benecos and Logona. I wanted to take every product they had to the till with me, but I had to resist and I chose the Logona Harmony Quince and Vanilla Shower Gel. Now, doesn't that sound heavenly? I was blown away by the sheer gorgeousness of the scent right when I opened the cap. This super creamy shower gel has a light and uplifting pear scent, with warm, sugary vanilla notes. Maybe it's not the most appropriate scent for this time of the year, but I am in love with it nonetheless!

A few days before I had ordered the Vanilla Brulée Body Polish from The Body Shop from one of their holiday collections, and as soon as I got it I went straight into the shower! Oh God, where do I even begin to describe it. It's amazing. It smells just like a vanilla candle from IKEA (I love that candle, even if it's the cheapest candle in the world!), but at the same time it doesn't feel artificial at all.  
I love the texture of this body polish, because it's exfoliating without being harsh, and the exfoliating particles don't just wash off right away! It has actual kiwi seeds in it... so cool! This body scrub has a creamy texture that turns to milky once you start rubbing the product in, so you don't really need body wash afterwards. 

The scents of the Logona Harmony Quince and Vanilla Shower Gel and the The Body Shop Vanilla Brulée Body Polish mix so beautifully that I could honestly spend my whole life in the shower! If you want to treat yourself, I highly suggest checking those two products out... And if you are looking for Christmas presents, they would be the perfect choice!

La settimana scorsa stavo facendo la spesa in un supermercato bio in cui non ero mai stata prima, e ovviamente ho dato un'occhiata alla sezione beauty! Era davvero ben fornita, con prodotti Lavera, Benecos e Lagona, tutti brand di cui avevo sentito parlare ma che non avevo mai provato prima. Non c'è nemmeno bisogno di dire che volevo comprare lo scaffale intero, ma mi sono contenuta e ho scelto il bagnoschiuma Harmony al Cotogno e Vaniglia del brand tedesco Logona. Ha un profumo semplicemente celestiale! La trovo una combinazione di essenze davvero raffinata e poco scontata; è un profumo fresco, dolce e vivificante - forse non proprio il più adatto a questo periodo dell'anno, ma lo adoro lo stesso! 

Qualche giorno prima avevo ordinato, approfiittando della spedizione gratuita, il Doccia Esfoliante alla Vanilla Brulée di The Body Shop. Mai combinazione di profumi fu più azzeccata... usandolo prima del bagnoschiuma, lo scrub ne esalta l'essenza senza renderlo stucchevole. Lo scrub ha lo stesso profumo delle candele alla vaniglia di IKEA, ma giuro che non è la solita vaniglia super dolce e artificiale! Mi piace perchè esfolia al punto giusto, e soprattuto le particelle esfolianti non scivolano via alla prima goccia d'acqua come tanti altri scrub che mi è capitato di provare. 

Entrambi i prodotti costano circa €9 - non esattamente economici ma neppure troppo costosi; diciamo il prezzo giusto per un regalo di Natale, per un'amica ma anche per sé stesse ;)


On being grateful.

Thanksgiving is that one American holiday that I wish was celebrated all over the world, probably because it's not strictly linked to a specific religion or culture. I have been thinking of writing about the topic of gratitude and giving thanks for sometime now, so what better moment than to do it on Thanksgiving day?

I have never been a positive person by nature - I have always looked at the negative side of things rather than looking at the good one first. My mind has worked like this forever. Now that it's almost over, I can easily say that 2014 has been the first tough year in my life and somehow all the difficult times I have gone through have started changing the way I see life. Slowly but surely.

I have learnt so much this year - maybe it's true what they say, that you only learn some things the hard way. I felt alone because I wasn't living with my family, I felt ugly because my acne had never been so bad and the only thing I was allowed to do was studying - no distractions allowed.

It was easy to get stuck in a negative thinking rut, and for some time I did. I constantly thought about all the things I didn't have -a boyfriend, perfect skin, free time-, and thought things couldn't get worse. WHAT?! How did I even get to that conclusion? Don't ask me. I was acting so silly. You know why?

I wasn't taking the time to think about all the things I did have. Yes, I was single. Yes, my skin was definitely not great, and yes, I had to spend 80% of my hours on textbooks. But what about all the millions of other things I didn't earn, but was gifted nonetheless? Tea. Your favourite food. A sunset. Your family. A pair of earrings. Health. A nice movie. Your favourite lipstick. A friend to talk to. Even having the possibility to attend University, despite how tedious it may be at times. If you wrote all the things you have on the side of a piece of paper and the things you don't have on the other, you would be amazed by the result. And you would feel a bit silly, too. I actually did this, with actual pen and paper, because I like making lists and writing things down; and I suggest you do it too.

Maybe it may seem unnecessary to some people, but something I find really helpful to keep me aware of all the positivity my life is filled with I keep a little book, which I call my Gratitude Journal, that I write every night right before I go to bed. I use a day-per-page Moleskine in which I write at least 5 things I am grateful for that day: yesterday I wrote "It was sunny today; I bought a book I had been wanting for ages; I am in peace". It doesn't have to be something extraordinary. Not every day something amazing happens, but that's ok. What's amazing, on the other hand, is the feeling I get when I read the pages I wrote on my journal – I highly recommend this way of keeping track of the positive things that happen in your life.

I will round up this post now by telling you what I try and remind myself every morning when I wake up:

You have so much. Everything will come to you at the right time. Be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Avène Micellar Lotion - Better Than Bioderma?

 Avene Micellar Lotion Review

As much as I love and use Bioderma H2O every single day, I'm always looking for a dupe - not because I'm getting bored of it, but because I want to find something that works even better. You know by now that my love for Avène products is big, so when I saw they had a micellar lotion I had to test it out! 

The Avène Micellar Lotion is a clear liquid make-up remover, and just like Bioderma it looks and feels just like fresh water. It has the typical fresh Avène water scent which I really enjoy - it makes me feel cleaner, is that even possible?
I generally like to remove the bulk of my make-up using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and and then do a second cleanse using a micellar water, but I have tested the Avène micellar water alone as well. It takes off face make-up very well: generally my skin is perfectly clean using one cotton round for each side of my face. However, I find it not as efficient as Bioderma in removing eye make-up. It does a great job for sure, but a few times I woke up the next day with slight mascara residue under my lower lashline. 

As like every Avène product I have tried so far, it's extremely gentle on the skin: it doesn't burn or leave my skin feel tight, even around the eye area, nor does it leave any kind of residue behind. It's so refreshing and uplifting that sometimes I even use it during the day when I feel my skin getting a bit oily and gross. I love it! 

Is it any better than Bioderma? I think there's not much difference between Bioderma and the Avène Micellar Lotion. Both are targeted towards sensitive skin-types and would be perfect for acne-prone skin. They even are in the same price range (they cost about 12 euros) and I really enjoy both of them, so I guess I'll just have them on rotation :)   

Have you tried the Avène Micellar Lotion? What's the best Bioderma dupe in your opinion?


Things I'm Loving At The Moment

Le Petit Faon - Things I'm Loving At The Moment

I moved back to Rome a month and a half ago and I already managed to make four trips to Tiger. If you're not already familiar with it, I would define it as IKEA without the furniture! It sells tons of different gadgets and little trinkets for the house. I especially love its stationery section: they always have some kind of cute washi tape and it's usually €1 for two! Last time I went, I picked up some colourful jumbo markers and a set of alphabets stamps that I will use to decorate my Filofax.

Le Petit Faon - Things I'm Loving At The Moment

Now that the weather is getting colder, I enjoy drinking tea even more. It's honestly one of my favourite things ever, so when I found a little shop selling Kusmi brand I decided to treat myself and get a tin of the Almond Green tea. I absolutely adore it! It has a very powerful almond scent, but  tastes quite delicate and doesn't taste like straight up grass like normal green tea! It's definitely more expensive than regular tea, but it's so worth it in my opinion. 

Le Petit Faon - Things I'm Loving At The Moment

I finally saw Keira Knightley's latest movie last week as it's just came out in Italy and I have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop ever since. I really enjoyed the movie, but I think the songs are just so good! Keira did such a great job with her singing, and I much prefer Adam Levine's style in this film than in his Maroon5 songs. No One Else Like You and Coming Up Roses are two of my favourites from the Begin Again soundtrack (you can click here to listen to the full version!)  

 Le Petit Faon - Things I'm Loving At The Moment

Since there's not a single day where I don't check Gh0stparties for a new post, I thought I'd mention it in this post! I'm sure you all know about it because it's honestly the best beauty blog ever. It's run by the amazing Kate which manages to take the most Pinterest-worthy photos ever, write lengthy and helpful posts and run another amazing blog, Nouvelle Daily. Go check her blogs out if you haven't already!

What have you been obsessing over lately? :)


L'Occitane Lavande de Haute Provence

L'Occitane Lavande de Haute Provence | Le Petit Faon

If you know me at all, you will know that I always worry about, more or less, anything; and lavender has been known to have relaxing effects for literally thousands of years. It was about time I tested some of the L'Occitane Lavande de Haute Provence products!

The one I was most excited about is the L'Occitane Lavender Organic Roll-on. I have had some trouble falling asleep for a few months now and I wanted something to ease the process, so I thought this could be help on that front. Thankfully, it does: I rest my hands near my head when I lay down, and I find myself focusing on the beautiful lavender scent rather than thinking on things I have to do the next day, or things I should have done that day, and so on... 

When I really want to go all the way, I even spritz my pillow using the Lavender Relaxing Pillow Mist and apply some Lavender Hand Cream. I had never tried any of L'Occitane hand creams and they probably are the best I have ever tried. They dry so quickly yet nourish my skin and nails like nothing else... And the scent, which is slightly sweeter than the roll-on's, is just amazing. 

I find that using these three products after having a nice shower right before going to bed helps me so much to destress and have a good night of sleep! What are your favourite relaxing products? 


Beauty Products I'm Loving At The Moment

Favourite Beauty Products

I never seem to have enough favourites for a monthly post, let alone for a weekly one, but surprisingly enough I have quite a few beauty obsessions at the moment. 

My two go-to lip products of the moments are both rediscoveries. I bought both KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo in #804 and the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Beige' last Summer, wasn't impressed with either of them and tucked them away until about a month ago. I thought that the NYX lipgloss which everyone seems to adore didn't suit my skintone because it's a blue toned pink, but I found a way to make it work: I apply a sheer layer of it and then distribute it with a finger, so it doesn't just sit on the lips. I love how it looks now! 
When I want a more warm toned pink option, I have been grabbing the KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo. It's the perfect everyday "my lips but better" shade, it makes my lips look poutier and it's so comfortable to wear! 

Another lip-related product is the Labello Lip Butter in the scent Vanilla & Macadamia. I know they came out ages ago, but I think they're pretty new on the Italian market! Anyway, I love anything vanilla scented and this lipbalm smells just gorgeous. The macadamia note tones the sweetness of the vanilla down a bit and makes it feel less artificial. As every Labello I've ever tried, this product is very nourishing and doesn't just sit on the lips. The only downside to it is the packaging - the only way I can use it is at home after I've washed my hands! 

I have pretty nice brows and I usually just use a clear gel to set them, but I bought the Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel for my mom a few weeks ago, and obviously I had to test it out! I actually really enjoy using it when I want a fuller eyebrow look, especially when I wear a full face of make-up. This brow gel gives my eyebrows a natural and tidy look, which is exactly what I look for - all the better if it's a €3 product is doing the trick!

I have recently switched from using my hands to apply foundation to using a beauty blender type sponge and I couldn't be more satisfied. I find my skin looks a lot smoother and more like skin when I use it! I don't think I will ever go back to using my hands. The pointed side is perfect to apply concealer in the under-eye area and around the nose. Also, it's definitely less messy than using your fingers ;)

Lastly, something I have wanted to try for ages and finally decided to: pure Aloe Vera gel. My whole family has been obsessed with it ever since I used it to sooth my mum's, dad's and brother's burnt skin after a long day at the beach. I use it after I wax my legs, to calm down inflamations, as a moisturizer/clarifying mask, on mosquito bites... honestly, the ways you can use it are endless. I definitely recommend it!

What products have you been loving at the moment? ♥


Roaccutane - La mia esperienza

Roaccutane Esperienza

Ho documentato la mia esperienza con il Roaccutane in inglese negli scorsi mesi, e ho pensato che sarebbe stata utile una traduzione in italiano per i non-anglofoni. Voila!

Mese 1 - Febbraio 2014

Ho iniziato ad assumere vitamina A (o Roaccutane, o Isotretinoina - sono sinonimi!) poco più di un mese fa e vorrei condividere la mia esperienza con voi, nella speranza possa essere utile a qualcuno di voi. 

Una premessa: non sono una dermatologa; mi limiterò semplicemente a descrivere la mia esperienza, forse usando termini non corretti. Chiedo scusa in anticipo!

Innanzitutto, credo sia necessario dire due o tre cose sulla mia acne: ho avuto brufoli fin da quando avevo 12 anni, prima solo sulla fronte, poi solo sulle guance. Per una qualche strana ragione, probabilmente perchè tutti pensavamo che mi sarebbe passata una volta finito lo sviluppo, non mi ero mai fatta visitare da uno specialista. Questo fino a settembre 2012, quando la mia pelle aveva iniziato a riempirsi di cicatrici rosse lasciate dall'acne. Ho sempre saputo che la mia pelle era quella che era per squilibri ormonali, che avevo provato a risolvere prendendo la pillola a 13 anni circa, ma mi aveva fatto ingrassare così tanto che avevo sempre rifiutato di prenderla di nuovo, nonostante il mio ciclo continuasse ad essere irregolare.

Su consiglio della mia dermatologa e del mio ginecologo, ho iniziato a prendere acido folico per risolvere il problema ormonale; nello stesso periodo, ossia fino a giugno 2013, mi sono stati praticati dei peeling all'acido glicolico che hanno funzionato molto bene (ricevevo complimenti a destra e manca per il miglioramento della mia pelle), finchè a settembre 2013 non mi sono trasferita a Roma per l'università e tutto è andato a rotoli. Un po' per il cambiamento drastico, un po' per lo stress, la mia acne era diventata ingestibile così come il ciclo, e così ho deciso di ricominciare a prendere la pillola e iniziare il Roaccutane.

L'ingrediente attivo del Roaccutane è l'isotretinoina, la forma di vitamina A più pura. Il Roaccutane secca praticamente tutto, in particolar modo le ghiandole sebacee. La pelle diventa secchissima - sostanzialmente non produce quasi più sebo. Nel 70% dei casi, cura l'acne per sempre. E' un trattamento piuttosto controverso a causa dei numerosi effetti collaterali: è teratogeno, il che significa gravi malformazioni del feto se si rimane incinte durante il trattamento. Per questo motivo, la legge obbliga a prendere la pillola per un mese prima del trattamento oltre che durante, e fare gli esami del sangue una volta al mese. Pare anche che il Roaccutane induca al suicidio, ma la mia dermatologa mi ha assicurato che non è assolutamente vero.

Ho iniziato ad assumere la medicina il 9 gennaio 2014; non sono mai stata in vita mia più motivata a fare qualcosa, nonostante i possibili effetti collaterali. Prenderò 30mg per quattro mesi; ho appena finito il primo e i risultati sono già pazzeschi. Mi si sono seccate le labbra già nella prima settimana - è l'effetto collaterale più comune, ma niente che un po' di burrocacao non possa risolvere. 
Verso il giorno 20 gli occhi hanno iniziato a seccarsi, così ho cominciato ad usare delle gocce. Certo, studiare tutto il giorno non aiuta su quel fronte! All'incirca nello stesso periodo la pelle ha iniziato a seccarsi sensibilmente. Generalmente, svegliandomi alle 8,30 e non truccandomi, la mia pelle avrebbe iniziato ad essere molto grassa verso le 4 del pomeriggio; truccandomi, invece, avrei dovuto incipriarmi dopo 3 ore. In questo momento invece, dopo poco più di un mese di trattamento, la pelle non si lucida mai. Sono praticamente in paradiso! 
In questo momento ho uno o due brufoli, probabilmente perchè sono indisposta, ma ci sono stati giorni in cui ho avuto la pelle completamente pulita... non succedeva da quando avevo 12 anni!

Gli esami del sangue sono ottimi, nessuno squilibrio. La dermatologa è contenta dai risultati, visto che gli unici effetti collaterali che sto sperimentando sono quelli comuni, e io sono più contenta di lei!

Mesi 2 e 3 - Marzo e Aprile 2014

Ho appena terminato il terzo mese di trattamento, prendendo ancora 30mg al giorno. Sta andando così bene che non ci credo. Non avrei mai immaginato di vedere risultati concreti così rapidamente (lo so che sembro una réclame della Crescina! ahahaha).

Come ho già detto nel post precedente, la mia pelle ha iniziato ad essere più pulita già dalla terza settimana di trattamento. Nel mese di marzo ho avuto tre (TRE. T R E.) brufoli, probabilmente perchè non stavo seguendo una dieta molto equilibrata! Ora come ora ho solo esiti cicatriziali, il che è pazzesco... Quando ti svegli la mattina per quasi 10 anni con minimo un brufolo sul viso, non averne è praticamente un miracolo.

La mia pelle è decisamente secca, ma non più secca del primo mese. La mia routine skincare è sempre la stessa, sia quella mattutina che quella serale - uso il detergente Avène Antirougeurs Dermo-detergente fluido, poi applico un'idratante super-potente che mi ha consigliato la dermatologa. Alcune persone che prendono il Roaccutane sentono la necessità di riapplicare la crema idratante più volte durante il giorno, ma non è decisamente il mio caso. La mia pelle è molto più secca di prima di iniziare il trattamento, ma non tira quasi mai nè ho pellicine di alcun genere (una descrizione deliziosa.). Prima di truccarmi però devo assolutamente mettere l'idratante (non uso primer), perché con il trucco la texture della pelle è molto più visibile. 
Per struccarmi uso ancora il Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser e il Bioderma Sensibio H2O, che non irritano assolutamente la pelle e rimuovono il trucco alla perfezione.

Labbra - Sono secche ma non ci sono pellicine; sto usando il burrocacao Bionike Proxera Lipgel, che ha la consistenza di un olio ed è veramente idratante. 

Naso - Mi sta facendo diventare matta! La punta del mio naso è sempre secchissima e anche se ci metto un quintale di idratante, sotto il fondotinta si vede da morire. 

Mani - Ho avuto uno strano sfogo sul dorso delle mani da metà febbraio a metà marzo, ma ora è scomparso. La mia dermatologa dice che è una reazione molto comune ed innocua.

Occhi - Tendono a seccarsi verso il pomeriggio, specie se ho lezione all'università o studio.

Corpo - L'unica altra parte che è molto più secca del solito è la zona degli avambracci e delle ascelle (fa un po' ridere dirlo). Mi sto astenendo dalla ceretta perchè la mia pelle è molto più sensibile adesso.

Nessun altro effetto collaterale, per ora: le analisi del sangue sono ok, non mi sento più depressa del normale (ahahah), non ho mal di testa. Sono solo contentissima che stia andando tutto bene!

Mesi 4 e 5 - Maggio e Giugno 2014

(Post scritto a Luglio 2014). Ho terminato il trattamento un mese fa. Durante il quarto e il quinto mese, la mia pelle è passata da secca a normale; me ne sono accorta perchè non sentivo l'urgenza di idratare le mani o le labbra ogni tre minuti come nei mesi precedenti. Ho anche iniziato a notare che il mio naso si lucidava appena verso la fine della giornata; non so perchè sia successo così, visto che durante gli ultimi due mesi di trattamento ho preso 40mg invece di 30mg. Forse perchè sta aumentando la temperatura? Boh. Comunque, le analisi del sangue dicono che è tutto regolare.

Durante il primo mese post-trattamento non ho avuto brufoli, ma ho notato che la mia pelle è diventata decisamente più grassa, ma comunque meno di prima del trattamento. Inoltre, mentre prima si lucidava tutto il viso, ora le uniche zone sono la fronte e il naso. Insomma, è una cosa normale. 

La mia pelle è tuttora molto "fragile" e sensibile: se provo a spremere un punto nero (non ne ho quasi più ormai, solo sul naso), al 100% si infiammerà e si trasformerà in un meraviglioso brufolo, il che non succedeva prima. Perdonate la descrizione un po' forte LOL

So che nei miei post precedenti ho detto di non aver avuto nessun effetto collaterale oltre a quelli più comuni e tranquilli come labbra e occhi secchi. Purtroppo devo correggermi: dopo circa 3 mesi di trattamento mi sono resa conto che piangevo un giorno sì e uno no, e probabilmente il fatto può essere imputato all'assunzione del farmaco. Non sono una persona molto allegra e positiva di natura, ma di certo non soffro di depressione né sto affermando che il Roaccutane mi ha portato alla depressione, intendiamoci. Però ho pianto veramente tanto durante il terzo e il quarto mese di trattamento. Sinceramente non so se sia stato il Roaccutane o la pillola, visto che per legge bisogna prenderli contemporaneamente. Sono felice che il farmaco abbia funzionato e spero di essermi liberata dall'acne cistico per sempre, ma a questo punto non so se lo consiglierei... Quella degli effetti collaterali è una cosa che bisogna valutare a fondo prima di iniziare il trattamento.

Lasciate un commento se volete vedere foto pre- e post- trattamento (ovviamente ho documentato tutto!). Spero che questo post chilometrico vi sia utile! 


My Current Summer Favourites

Summer Favourites Le Petit Faon

I know, it's been ages since I last posted! I'm feeling so unmotivated and uninspired about blogging lately. Please bear with me! Anyway, today I wanted to share with you the Summer products I have been loving so far, both in the skin and make-up department.

Right after finally doing my last Uni exam at the beginning of the month, I did my first trip to The Body Shop. I was all by myself walking through the streets of Rome, the weather was sunny but not too hot... but that's another story. I had read rave reviews about the Vineyard Peach line, but my oh my, smelling the products in person was a whole another thing! I picked up the Vineyard Peach Body Mist (€12) and the Vineyard Peach Body Butter (€15) and I honestly would have bought the whole range. Peaches are my favourite fruit and these smell like real peaches. Oh my God. Don't even get me started on that. 

I had never tried a The Body Shop Body Butter, and although seeing them everywhere on the internet I didn't think they were that thick! It have the exact same consistency as butter -hence, I suppose, the name- and a little bit goes a very long way. It leaves my skin super hydrated and soft, and when the scent starts to disappear I touch it up with a spritz (or ten...) of the Vineyard Peach Body Spray. 

On the skincare side, I have been using and enjoying the Avène Hydrance Optimale Légère moisturizer. This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for the hot Summer weather: its liquid consistency is quickly absorbed by the skin, making it feel fresher thanks to its signature Avène scent, and hydrated without being oily. Avène also makes a version of this lotion with a light SPF, but I use a separate product to protect my skin from the sun.

Summer Favourites Le Petit Faon

As for foundation, now that my skin is finally acne-free I can go back to using my beloved Chanel Vitalumière Aqua. I could talk about this foundation for hours, really. The things I love the most about it? It's lightweight, it feels and looks like real skin, it blurs any visible pores and gives such a healthy and glowy appearance to the face. It's great all year round, really, but I especially love it for the Summer because I don't even feel like I'm wearing foundation at all!

After hearing so many bloggers rave about it, I have finally caved in and bought the L'Oréal Lumi Magique primer and yes, it deserves all the rave reviews. Usually primers make me uncomfortable -don't ask me why- but this one doesn't: it doesn't feel like it's just clogging my pores or something. I usually apply it on the high points of my face before applying foundation, and I swear... if it's the Victoria's Secret supermodel glow you're looking for, give this primer a try!

Lastly, my current favourite nail polish of the moment: Essie Buy Me a Cameo. This kind of rose gold-bronze shade is my favourite nail polish shade in general, but I have been loving this particular one for the last few weeks. It looks gorgeous on my snow-white skin, but I bet it would look amazing on tanned skin as well!

What beauty products are you loving at the moment? 


My Roaccutane Experience: Month 4 & 5

Roaccutane Experience

Here I am with the final installment of my blog post series about my Roaccutane experience! I have stopped taking isotretinoin exactly a month ago, so keep on reading if you want to know what I honestly think about the treatment.

During the 4th and 5th month of treatment (April and June) I felt like my skin was changing from dry to normal - for example, I didn't have to moisturize my hands or lips every five minutes like in the previous months. Also, I started noticing that my nose was a tiny bit shiny at the end of the day! I don't know why this happened because I was still taking the same amount of Isotretinoin (40mg per day), maybe my body was just getting used to it or because of the warmer temperature. I had my blood tests done like every month, and thankfully everything was alright on that front. 

As I have said before, I have stopped taking vitamin A one month ago. During this time I haven't had any breakouts, but my skin has definitely become more oily than it was during the treatment - still, it's way less oily than it was before the treatment. Also, I noticed the only oily areas now are my forehead and nose area, whereas before it was basically my whole face. It's a normal amount of oiliness :) 

My skin is still very fragile and sensitive: if I squeeze one of the very few blackheads I have now (it's a miracle, I know), I will 100% leave a scar on my skin, whereas that didn't happen before, so I learned not to do that.  

In my previous posts I said I hadn't experienced any side effects other than the 'normal ones', like having dry eyes and lips. I'm afraid I have to amend: about 3 months into the treatment I realized that crying every other day was not completely normal. I am not a very positive individual by nature, but I am definitely not depressed, nor am I saying that Roaccutane made me depressed: but I cried a lot during the 3rd and 4th month of treatment. I honestly don't know if it was the pill or Roaccutane, because you have to take both at the same time in order to be able to take Roaccutane. 
I want to say it's worth it because it got rid of my acne I hope for ever, but I kinda want to say it's not worth it at the same time... it's something you have to judge for yourself if you are thinking about starting the treatment. 

I will definitely update you if anyhing new on the subject happens; also, let me know if you would like to see before and after photos.

           PS: la traduzione in italiano di tutti i post arriva presto ;)


Rimmel Hydra Renew Lipstick in 'Latino'

 Rimmel Hydra Renew Lipstick in Latino | Le Petit Faon

There's not a single time I go into a beauty shop and I don't take a look at the Rimmel stand - I have always loved their products, and actually my first ever make-up product was one of their tube lipglosses ages ago! The latest addition to my Rimmel collection is the Hydra Renew Lipstick in the shade 'Latino', a very intense corally pink that's just a bit brighter than the colour of my own lips. 

I fell in love with it right when I swatched it: the texture is extremely creamy and it glides effortlessly onto the lips. It has a frosty finish, but don't be scared - it won't make you look like you just got out of a 90's-early 2000's photoshoot. On the contrary, I think it's what it makes this lipstick so nice. It makes my lips look more plump and 'highlighted' - I don't know how it makes my whole face look more glowy, but it does! 
The Rimmel Hydra Renew Lipstick in Latino is on the sheer side, but it can be built to full opacity. Sometimes I like to wear just a light layer of it, sometimes I want a more bold effect and I think it works wonderfully both ways. It has a staying power of 3-4 hours, after which it starts to fade evenly and it doesn't leave any glittery patches. 

It's the perfect lipstick for Summer in my opinion (it smells like sun-tan lotion too!) - it will look gorgeous with bronzed skin. You can get it pretty inexpensively on Amazon for $8,99.

Have you ever tried any lipstick from the Rimmel Hydra Renew line? What do you think about them?


Nokia Lumia 1520

A few months back I was offered the opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 1520 - I know smartphones aren't technically something a beauty blogger would write about, and although I'm definitely not an expert in the field I hope you will enjoy this post anyway! :)

 Nokia Lumia 1520

First of all, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is huge - I mean, that's pretty noticeable. It's way bigger than an iPhone (I have a 4S): it's basically like a smartphone and a tablet had a baby! My dad would call it "a phone for women", and I would agree, because it would only fit in a purse and not in most trouser pockets. Even though it's so wide and tall, it's very thin and super lightweight, so much more than my iPhone 4S which weighs as much as a brick. I'm so used to the size of iPhones that I was convinced I wouldn't enjoy using such a big smartphone, but strangely enough I didn't find it too cumbersome: I just don't like the fact that you have to use both hands to use it most of the time.

Nokia Lumia 1520

 Nokia Lumia 1520

The quality of the screen is impressive: the colours are so bright and the resolution is extremely sharp, which makes it a pleasure to look at the screen - it definitely is the best part about this phone, together with the camera. The Lumia 1520 has four camera apps: the Nokia Pro Cam is the core camera app, which pretty much has the same functions as my DSLR has, which is pretty amazing. Nokia Creative Studio offers a few photo filters, definitely not enough for Instagram-addicts like me! Also, you have Nokia Cinemagraph to create animated gifs.

I like what the different apps do, but I would prefer having the different editing functions combined in just one app.

 Nokia Lumia 1520

I love the fact that the camera captures so much details... Perfect for macro shots!

 Nokia Lumia 1520

 Nokia Lumia 1520

One thing I can't get myself to like is the Windows Phone 8 interface. I just find it a bit confusing, and being the OCD crazy person that I am, I much prefer the little iPhone square icons.
Also, there are not as many apps available for Windows Phone 8 like there are for iOS or Android. There are the main ones (Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber...) but the choice is not wide. 
Moreover, I found it doesn't offer a quick access to Wi-Fi settings... I just find the Nokia is not as easy to use as are iPhones, but that's just a personal preference.

Overall, I would recommend investing in the Nokia Lumia 1520 if the main thing you look in a phone is the quality of the camera, and you don't mind it being almost as big as a tablet! The camera on this smartphone is just perfect.

Have you ever tried a Nokia smartphone? What do you think about the Lumia 1520?

* I was not paid by Nokia. All opinions are my own.


Little Things I Do To Relax

Look who's back! I have been so busy for the past couple of weeks that I didn't even have the time to do a little blogging. I feel like I don't even remember how to write a sentence in English! Hopefully I will have more time to dedicate to my blog in the next weeks. 

It's definitely been a stressful couple of months for me, mainly because of Uni exams, and I honestly can't wait for them to be over. I study a lot during the day, and that's basically all I do when the day of the exams gets near. However, I like to take a few moments for myself each day and try to forget about everything school related, so I wanted to share with you what I like to do to relax!  

Filofax Adelphi - Little Things I Do To Relax - Le Petit Faon

I got a Filofax about two months ago and I have become completely obsessed with it. I am a huge list maker and before committing to a Filofax I had sticky notes and reminders everywhere! Ever since I started using a planner, I feel like my days are way more organized and I know exactly what to do and when to do it. I feel like by writing down every task I have to complete during the day my mind is a little less 'cluttered', especially during stressful times like those I am going through. I also use my planner to write all those things that you always forget about, like movies I want to see, books I want to read, projects I want to do in the house and so on. 

There's a huge Filofax community on the internet - I suggest checking the #filofax hashtag on Instagram and looking on Pinterest for inspiration! 
Let me know if you would like me to write a blog post all about my Filofax - I would happily do that ;)

Little Things I Do To Relax | Le Petit Faon

Something that always manages to relax me is watching Youtube videos; I mainly watch beauty ones as it's one of my biggest interests. I find listening to other people talk about things I actually enjoy learning about is so relaxing, and it keeps my mind occupied with something that's not Uni related! 

While I was looking for Filofax reviews before buying one, I stumbled onto Organized Like Jen's channel on Youtube and I have literally become obsessed with her videos! I may or may not have queued them all in my "Watch later" playlist ;) She has three different channels where she talks about beauty, lifestyle and organization tips. I find her voice so soothing (weird, I know) and she's always so cheerful and inspirational! Her videos always leave me with a positive mood. I highly suggest you check her blog and Youtube channel out! :) 

 Little Things I do To Relax | Le Petit Faon

While I'm watching a movie or some videos after dinner, I always enjoy sipping on some chamomile tea or hawthorn herbal tea to get my body ready for a good rest. I love having hot drinks all year round, regardless of the season!
Chamomile and hawthorn tea almost have the same kind of effect, but I like to drink chamomile tea if I have had coffee during the day so I can get asleep faster, while I prefer having hawthorn tea if my dinner was particularly heavy. 

Certainly, everyone has different tastes in music, but you can't deny that classical music definitely gets the job done when it comes to unwinding. I definitely am not an expert in the field, but I have been enjoying playing some right before bed or doing some stretching, another thing that relaxes me both phisycally and mentally. My two favourite pieces to listen to at the moment are Debussy's notorious Clair de lune and La fille aux cheveux de lin.  


KIKO Soft Touch Blush #112 'Light Plum'

Kiko Soft Touch Blush n.112 Light Plum | Le Petit Faon

With my skin getting better on the acne front thanks to the Roaccutane treatment I have been going through, I decided to start experimenting with blushes more. When my skin was looking terrible and inflamed, there really was no point in wearing it as it was already hard enough for me to cover the blemishes and red marks. Since I have no clue when it comes to blushes, I decided to get a cheaper one just for the sake of experimenting with a new product, and obviously the first brand that came to my mind was KIKO!

In my opinion, KIKO is the cheap equivalent of MAC: they have so many colour options, especially in the eyeshadow, lip products and nail polish department. For some strange reason my local KIKO store only had 6 Soft Touch blushes available, so I decided to go with the most natural looking of all, which is #112 'Light Plum'.

KIKO Soft Touch Blush in #112 'Light Plum' is a cool toned mid-pink shade, which looks much darker and scarier in the pan than it is on the skin. It doesn't have the softest texture in that it's a bit chalky, but it applies nicely on the cheeks and it blends quite well. It gives the most natural flush of colour without being too obvious, which is great because I have extremely fair skin. I apply it very sparingly because I'm still not used to wearing blush, but you can definitely build it up without it looking too fake. It's completely matte as well, so that makes it a lovely everyday product.

I am so happy with this blush and I have been using it everytime I do my make-up! I would definitely recommend it to the pale-skinned girls out there like me, and to those who are looking for a very natural looking blusher without spending an excessive amount of money - at €7,50 it's an absolute bargain for its quality!

Have you ever tried any of the KIKO blushes? 


Redecorating My Room: Part 2

Redecorating My Room Part 2 | Le Petit Faon

Today I'm bringing you the second installment of my Redecorating My Room series (I published the first one at the end of March!) It's something different from what I usually post, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless :)

I have two set of shelves in my bedroom that were already there when we moved in: one is smaller (it's the one I showed you in the first post of the series!) and one is twice as big. My books were originally stored in the smaller shelves, and they were definitely outgrowing that space. On the other hand, the bigger shelves were almost empty aftter putting away all my highschool books a few months earlier. 
After thinking and thinking about how I could make the most out of both, one day I went organizing-crazy and decided to swap their content! 

Redecorating My Room Part 2 | Le Petit Faon

I organized my books by colour and I just love how they look. The rainbow effect the spines create makes me happy every time I look at them! My bedroom is my safe harbour and it's extremely important for me to make it look more like how I want it to be. My room looks so much more organized and less cluttered now, which makes me feel so relaxed and satisfied! 

This project took only a few hours to complete, but it made a huge difference in the way my bedroom now looks. I hope this inspires you to change something in your house, or just in the room you live the most in - I promise you will feel so much better afterwards! :)

Redecorating My Room Part 2 | Le Petit Faon



Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 'Apricot Punch'

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Apricot Punch | Le Petit Faon

My current obsession for coral has expanded in the nail polish department. In my quest for the perfect pinky coral nail polish I stumbled upon the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 'Apricot Punch' while I was in my local beauty shop - it was on offer for about €4,00 and a Rimmel nail polish remover was included, too! Not too shabby, I dare say. 

The shade of this nail polish is just perfect for the Summertime: it's a very vivid, almost neon orange shade. As you can kinda tell from the photo, it looks a bit more muted in the bottle and that's why I originally purchased it: if it had been just a bit more pink, I would have been just amazing. It's not that I don't like the shade, but unfortunately it clashes with my super pale skin! 

The formula of the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes is very creamy and opaque: you could even get away with only one coat! The finish looks super glossy and almost gel like, I absolutely love it! The application is very easy as well; the brush reminds me of the Essie ones as it's very wide and covers the entire nail in one or two swipes. It claims to dry in 60 seconds but I didn't really check the time; I would say it dries pretty fast, but I usually wait more than one minute to do the second coat, just to be sure ;)
For the price, it's a fantastic polish and I am definitely going to try more from the range. I was really impressed with the quality, but unfortunately the shade doesn't look very nice on me. Oh well, one of my friends is getting a present soon.. ;)  

Have you ever tried any of the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes? 


My Life in Photos #7

My Life in Photos n.7 | Le Petit Faon

Christmas in Rome, a delicious biscuit & ice cream dessert, going to a theater near Fountain of Trevi to see 'The importance of being Earnest' - something I'd never thought I would do in Rome!

The first issue of Porter magazine, a joyful bunch of flowers, a shameless selfie

Another addition to my very tiny Yankee Candles collection, another shameless selfie, what my mum made me find when I came back home after a long time

What I wore on a special event, a little stationery/book/skincare haul, some pretty flowers on my balcony

I can't believe I haven't posted an Instagram round-up post since November! If you want, you can follow me on Instagram here. Also, I'd love if you linked your Instagram profiles in the comments below so that I can check them out :)


Forever Repurchased Products

Forever Repurchased Products | Le Petit Faon

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
It's my favourite lipstick ever, and I have mentioned it countless times in blog posts. I love it so much that I dread the day I'm going to run out of it! However, that doesn't stop me from wearing it most days. As the name suggests, it's a lovely berry shade that is just a tiny bit darker than my own lips. With its sheer texture and slight glossy finish, it manages to liven up my complexion and make my lips look more plump. It looks so natural and pretty, and it basically goes with every eye make-up and outfit. Definitely try it out if you are into berry shades! 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is the best cleanser I have ever tried - ok, I haven't tried a whole lot, but I honestly don't feel the need to: this Liz Earle one suits my needs perfectly. First off, such classy packaging - it almost makes you feel like you're in a spa or something like that. Secondly, it's got a gorgeous scent, that's refreshing and calming at the same time. But most importantly, it does its job wonderfully: it removes every trace of make-up -even stubborn mascara- without irritating my skin or eye area, and if that comes from someone who's taking Roaccutane, you can be sure that's true. 
I wear a lot of face make-up, and it amazes me every time how much make-up this cleanser can get off my skin. The only downside is that you always have to have clean towelettes available, but it's something I can definitely deal with.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua
Funnily enough, this is my very first foundation, and my favourite out of all the ones I have tried too. I wasn't even aware of what the beauty blogging world was when I bought it, and I surely didn't knew how much this product was hyped! It definitely is a cult foundation, and I can see why: it has a very natural skin-like finish, it's extremely lightweight and it gives the face the prettiest glow. It's quite buildable as well, and although it's not full coverage it evens out the skin tone brilliantly; but my favourite thing about it is that it makes my pores disappear, and that makes my face look completely different! 
I loved this foundation back when I had oily, acneic skin and I still love it now that I have super dry skin and (fingers crossed) no more acne. I heartily recommend it to everyone!


Today I want... #21

Today I Want... 21 | Le Petit Faon

O. M. G. (Best way to start a blog post, isn't it?). Like. Is it a new launch? Has this line existed for years and I didn't know it? Because I NEED IT ALL. Wisteria is one of my favourite flowers and I love its scent! The packaging looks gorgeous as well! I definitely have to get my hands on this shower gel, at least!

I have been having trouble falling asleep lately, I don't know why. I love the scent of lavender, it's so calming! I really want to try this little roll-on from L'Occitane and see if it solves all my sleeping issues and helps me unwind :)

This blush looks real scary in the pan, doesn't it. However, I think that if applied very lightly and properly blended out, it would give a nice fresh effect to the face! Viola from Killer Colours often uses red blushes and they look amazing on her.. She definitely inspired me to try one!

I'm going through this coral pink phase right now and I feel like this nail polish is exactly the shade I am looking for. I swatched it in store and it's a lovely toned down fuschia, without any blue undertones. I absolutely love it and I honestly don't know why I didn't pick this up.. It only costs €3,90, too! You can't beat that!


How to fade dark spots naturally

FLAW - a beauty editorial for Schön Magazine

Acne, sun exposure and aging can all cause the appearing of dark spots on the skin. Although they may seem impossible to get rid of, lots of people have succeeded by using both natural and chemical remedies. You can easily find skin brightening lotions nowadays, even in your local drugstore, and dermatologists offer plenty of different laser treatments. But why not venture on a more natural and safe route instead? To make your dark spots fade more easily, you should...

… Prevent: if you don't want those marks to become permanent, you should stay away from the sun in the first place. Always use a broad-spectrum SPF every day if you know you are going to be outside, and concentrate it especially on the problematic areas on your face. Your skin will thank you for that!

… Exfoliate: doing a scrub at least once a week will help to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and reveal new ones. There is no need to use store-bought products to do so – a simple honey and sugar face scrub will do just as well, if not better. Just mix three spoonfuls of raw honey and three tablespoons of sugar in a bowl, then gently massage the scrub you just created on your face in circular motions. Honey is probably one of the best ingredients in the recipe for a good complexion!

… Use lemon juice: Lemon probably is the best natural remedy to make dark spots disappear. The vitamin C in lemons can help in fading skin discolourations; this fruit also has mild natural bleaching properties which help remove the top layers of the skin. The best way to use it is to squeeze a lemon to get all the juice out of it and simply apply it on your face with a cotton round at least once a day, preferably at nighttime; if your skin is particularly sensitive, you should dilute the juice lemon with some water.

… Use Aloe Vera: this plant has so many good uses, especially skin-related ones. It helps in healing burns, it moisturizes and -of course- it helps renew the skin, speeding the dark spots fading process. The best way to take advantage of Aloe Vera would be by taking the juice directly from the plant and applying it on your skin, but you can easily purchase 100% Aloe Vera gels in stores

... Use apple cider vinegar: the acetic acid contained in apple cider vinegar will help the renovation in the top layers of your skin, therefore making your dark spots disappear more easily. Substitute it to your regular toner and apply it all over the face every day for a glowing complexion!

Don't be discouraged if you don't see any results straight after the first application: if you want to get rid of your dark spots, it's very important that you are consistent, whatever natural remedy you choose. Our skin can take months to respond to a treatment, so just be patient ;)
photo credit: henrik adamsen


My Current Favourite Lip Products

 photo 2DSC_1468_zpsb6e0e9c1.jpg

Today I'd like to share with you the four lip products I'm currently obsessing over. Most of them are new purchases, so I decided to gather them all in one post :)

Max Factor Color Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Subtle Coral 02
I have been all about coral lately: coral clothes, coral nails and -of course- coral lips. After swatching just about every coral lip product in my beauty store, I found that the Max Factor Color Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Subtle Coral 02 was my favourite: it's the perfect orange-y coral shade for Spring time and I find it suits my skintone and hair colour perfectly. The texture is very smooth and balmy, and it has a nice glossy finish which makes the lips look more plump. The only downside to this product is that you have to sharpen it! But I like the fact that the bottom of the pencil matches the actual colour of the lipstick - that's always nice if you have tons of lip products like yours truly.

Essence XXL Longlasting Lipgloss in Coral Delight
I absolutely love pairing this lipgloss to the Max Factor lip crayon! They match perfectly and this Essence lipgloss makes the other product even more pigmented and shiny. I like it also on its own for quick, fresh-looking make-up looks. It's definitely pigmented for a €2,50 product and I definitely want to try more from this line. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
You know I love my Revlon Lip Butters - I have ever since they came out and I just can't stop using them. The one in Raspberry Pie was one of my less used ones because I found it was just too pigmented for day-to-day wear and it also made my teeth look a bit yellow. I tried it again on a whim a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it! Despite it having a very creamy and soft texture, I like applying it over lipbalm so that it has a more sheer and glossy finish. I love the dark berry shade, but most of all I love how perfectly it wears, because it leaves the prettiest stain on the lips after the gloss is gone. 

KIKO Precision Lip Pencil #311
My other favourite everyday lip product of the moment, together with the first two I mentioned, is the KIKO Precision Lip Pencil #311. It's a great 'my lips but better' shade, which is just a tiny bit darker than my own lips. I have been enjoying defining my lips a bit more recently, and I definitely want to branch out more in the lip pencil department. I'm trying to add more lip pencils to my collection because they make your lipstick stay on so much longer (and I definitely need that, especially when I have long days at Uni) and they look pretty even on their own, as this one does, especially topped off with some clear lipgloss. I find the KIKO Precision Lip Pencils are great: they are pigmented but not drying on the lips. I have a red Essence one as well that I love even more, but unfortunately the colour range is so poor!

What lip products are you enjoying so far? Which ones do you like to wear in the Spring time? :)

 photo swatchhh_zps9de34c75.png

Max Factor // Essence // Revlon // Kiko


My Roaccutane Experience: Month 2 & 3


Here I am with the second post about my Roaccutane journey! It's been exactly 3 months since I started taking it. I'm still on 30mg a day, but I will probably ask to up the dose next time I see my dermatologist as it's going so well! It's insane. I would have never imagined how quickly it would have worked - I'm just hoping my skin will look this good when I stop the treatment too. But let's be more detailed, shall we :)

As I have said in my first Roaccutane experience post, my skin started clearing up about three weeks into the treatment. During the month of March I have had three (yes, only THREE) pimples, and that was probably because I wasn't eating very healthily. I pretty much have only scars left, which is just insane to think of... Yes, because when you wake up every day of your life for almost 10 years with at least one breakout on your face, you get used to it. So this whole 'no breakout situation' is completely new to me!

My skin has definitely been dry, but not drier than it was in the first month. My morning and evening skincare routine are exactly the same - I wash my face using Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo Cleansing Fluid, then I apply a thick moisturizer my dermatologist gave me (it's a local product so it's no point in me telling you the name). I know some people on Roaccutane have to moisturize multiple times throughout the day - that's definitely not my case. I would say my skin has gotten incredibly drier compared to what it was before, but it's rarely flakey or tight. Applying moisturizer before putting on my makeup is mandatory, otherwise the dryness will show through.
To take my make-up off I'm still using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser and Bioderma, and they don't irritate my skin very much at all and substitute make-up removing wipes beautifully.

Lips - My lips have been dry but not extremely flakey; I've been using the Bionike Proxera Lipogel lipbalm, which feels more like an oil rather than a lipbalm and smells like MAC lipsticks, which is amazing. It's worked very well so far in giving back my lips some needed moisture :)
Nose - The tip of my nose is driving me insane - no matter how much moisturizer I put on it, no matter when I apply it, it won't do nothing! It's so noticeable when I put foundation on, I hate it!
Hands - I got a weird rash on my hands from mid-February to mid-March, but it's completely gone now. My dermatologist said it was a normal reaction that many people experience during Roaccutane.
Eyes - My eyes get a little bit dry during the afternoon, especially if I have a lesson at Uni or I'm studying.
Body -The only other part of my body that is drier than normal are my underarms and arms, but nothing major. Despite not being super dry, my body skin is definitely more sensitive and that's a problem when it comes to shaving. I usually wax my legs and underarms, but I'm scared it will hurt too much - if you've been on Roaccutane, how did you shave? D:

I haven't been experiencing any other side effects: my blood levels are fine, I'm not feeling any more depressed than I normally am (haha), no headaches. I'm so, so, so happy that the treatment is going so well and I do hope with all my heart it will go even better!
Feel free to ask me questions and tell me about your experience in the comments below ♥


Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

After managing to use a light-coverage foundation for two years, about 5 months ago my acne got so bad that I decided to switch to a more heavy duty product than my beloved Chanel Vitalumière Aqua: the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. I have been using it for a long period of time now and I have fallen in love with it!

I was looking for an oil free, long lasting product, but most of all I wanted something that would cover up all the redness and scarring on my skin: the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation seemed to tick all the boxes. This foundation's coverage definitely is very high, but what I like about it is that it doesn't look fake or cakey - it looks like real skin. It almost gives a glowy, non-flat finish. And on some very good skin days, I can even skip concealer!
Despite having such a high coverage, it doesn't have a thick consistency: it's almost runny and it doesn't feel very heavy on the skin. For that reason, I like to apply it with my hands by patting it on the skin - that way I can concentrate more product on my problem areas and less where I don't really need it. I tried to apply it with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush when I first bought this foundation, but I found the coverage was less intense and the effect was less natural. Also, for some reason the product clinged to dry patches like crazy, so for me the best way is to apply it with my fingers.

Back when I bought this product, I wasn't on Roaccutane (read more about that here) and my skin was oilier than usual, so I had to powder after max three hours after applying my make-up - it was driving me insane. Thankfully, now that my sebum production is being controlled by Roaccutane, I can wear this foundation for more than 12 hours, which is a dream come true. It wears really well and it find it tends to disappear a bit on certain areas only after many hours. 

On the whole, I would definitely recommend the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation to those who have hyperpigmentations, blemishes and things like that, not so much to the lucky girls with already good skin! The only 'con' about this product is that it need a good moisturized base underneath, because it tends to cling to dry patches. The shade selection is great -it comes in 26 shades-, so I bet there's one for everybody. What's not so great is the price which is pretty high, but I am willing to pay a bit more for such a good product. Also, I've been using it since October and it's not nearly empty yet!
Overall I am really enjoying my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I would absolutely repurchase it if I was not hoping to not need it at the end of my Roaccutane treatment ;)


Redecorating My Room: Part 1

About a month ago, I decided I had to change some things in my room. My bedroom probably is my favourite place in the entire world, but I felt like I could organize it a little bit better: I only come back home every two weeks and to find a pretty, tidy room is the best feeling ever for me. I need a cute little space to study and relax in, since life in Rome is so stressful.  
As soon as I was finished with my exams mid-February, I took a morning off from everything and give my bedroom a little restyling - hopefully it will inspire you to do the same :) 

bedroom decor

I liked how my books were organized before, but I was running out of space - if I had bought one  more book, I probably wouldn't have known where to put it. They were stacked two deep, so they were often hard to find. I decided to move them to a set of shelves that were already on another wall of the room (blog post coming on that soon!) and move the content that was there to these ones. Much more organized, huh?

bedroom decor

On the first shelves I put two Glossybox boxes where I store little bits and pieces, a Starbucks cup full of little memories and covered them with two pretty flower crowns I made a few years ago. On the background you can see a portrait of myself when I was 10, taking part in a rhythmic gymnastic competition :) I know I could fit so much more on this shelf, but it looks nice as it is, so I am probably going to leave it like that for now. 

bedroom decor

The next shelf is another pretty useless one, but at least it's nice to look at! I have a Ladurée recipe book there, together with a Ladurée tea box and a simple embroidery work I did during the Winter holidays. I love keeping a few quotes here and there in my bedroom - it's the place where I spend the most time when I'm at home, and they keep me motivated :) 

bedroom decor

The fourth shelf I left as it was before, with my foreign fashion magazine collection. I like how the white spines look together! The next shelf is filled with cardboard magazine organizers, in which I keep extra stationery, binders etc. I picked two packs of IKEA Flyt magazine files for super cheap, covered them with brown paper, glued some string around them and tied a little bow in the front. It took a few hours to do the whole process, but I couldn't be happier of how they turned out!

bedroom decor

I didn't make any change to this corner of my room, but I wanted to show it to you anyway :) I like to pick flowers from places where I go on holiday to, let them dry in a book and frame some of them. These, in particular, I picked from Sicily and Greece ♥

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my room, and that you can take some inspiration from it. I believe that improving in the space you live in always has positive consequences! 


A KIKO Combo

 kiko nail polish

After a long, long time, last week I went into KIKO and got out of the shop with two nail polishes. I hadn't bought any nail polish from the brand in such a long time, mainly because I had this idea of KIKO nail polishes being goopy and taking ages to dry up. And if you have been shopping at KIKO since they opened, you know what I'm talking about!
However, I decided to give their nail polish range a chance again and picked up #372 Nude and #215 Pearly Light Pink. The best part about KIKO is that they have such a huge variety of shades of every product, but surprisingly it was easy to choose only two nail polishes: I'm always on the hunt for new pretty nude shades! 

#372 Nude is a very close dupe to my favourite nail polish ever, Essie Sand Tropez - that's the reason I picked it in the first place! They look almost identical, but KIKO Nude is just a tad more pink. In some lights it looks more like a a pastel pink rather than a light beige.
Thankfully, the formulation has changed since I first tried KIKO nail polishes years ago: the formula is creamy and opaque, just a little bit streaky but nothing that can't be fixed; it also dries up fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best wearing power: it doesn't chip, but it starts to show tip wear in only about two days. 

The other nail polish I got is #215 Pearly Light Pink, which I'm absolutely in love with! It's a very light almost white pink shade with a pearlescent finish - it looks very much like mother of pearl, which is exactly the reason why I got it. I love that it's opaque in two coats - these kind of shades are often very sheer. I think I will get a lot of use out of it in the Summertime :)

What do you think about KIKO nail polishes? Have you ever tried them?


My Roaccutane Experience: Month 1


I started my Roaccutane -or should I say, Isotretinoin- journey a little more than a month ago and I would like to share my experience with you, in hope that it will be helpful to any of you. 

Remember I'm not a dermatologist, a doctor or anything like that; I am just going to tell you what my experience was and what I'm going through right now. I may use the wrong medical terms and explain myself not too well - I'm sorry for that, English can be a barrier sometimes.

Firstly, a little overview on my "acne story". I have had breakouts ever since I was 12; first only my forehead, then only my cheeks. For some reason, I had never went to a dermatologist until September 2012, when my spots started leaving red marks on my skin. I always knew that my skin problems were caused by hormonal imbalances, which I had tried to treat using the pill when I was 13 or so, but that made me gain so much weight that I always refused to take it again despite my period kept on being irregular.
My dermatologist put me on folic acid to try and solve the hormonal problem and at the same time I had glicolic acid peelings done on my face until June 2013. They worked really well, to the point I had almost no scars left; the folic acid worked as well, until September 2013 when I moved to Rome to attend university. Everything got worse: maybe because of the change, maybe because of the stress.. who knows. My acne and scarring got so bad and my period so irregular that and I decided to take the pill again and start Roaccutane.

Roaccutane's active ingredient is isotretinoin, the purest form existing of vitamin A. What Roaccutane does is dry up everything in your body - your sebaceous glands, most importantly. Your skin is supposed to get super dry and stop producing sebum. In 70% of the cases, it cures acne forever. It's quite a controversial treatment, because it has numerous side effects - the most dangerous one is that it's teratogenic, which means that if you get pregnant while on Roaccutane, the fetus will be seriously damaged. There has also been rumors that it induces to suicide, but my dermatologist assured me that it's all rubbish, apparently.
Before starting to get Roaccutane, you have to take the pill for a month and get your blood test taken, to make sure that you are not pregnant (so pointless if you're single like me, haha!). You also have to take blood tests every month, to check that the levels in your blood, like cholesterol and transaminase, are ok.

I started taking Roaccutane on January 9th 2014 and I had never in my whole life been more determined to do something, even if the side effects were so scary. My dermatologist put me on 30mg for four months; I just finished my first one and the results are already amazing. I started getting chapped lips within the first week; it's the most common side effect and it's nothing that some lipbalm can't solve. They're not flakey, they just feel tight.
Around day 20, I started using eye drops as my eyes began to feel a bit dry; but I think that that could also be because I was studing pretty much from when I woke up to when I went to sleep. At the same time, my skin began to be sensibly drier. Usually, if I woke up at 8,30 AM and didn't apply any make-up, my face would start feeling very oily at around 4 PM; if I applied foundation, I had to powder after 3 hours. After 3 weeks of using Roaccutane, my foundation would stay exactly the same for 13 hours. As of right now, after a bit more of a month of use, my skin basically doesn't produce any sebum anymore and I feel like I'm in paradise - everyone who suffers from severe acne can understand me.
I currently have only one or two spots -and that could also be because it's that time of the month-, but there have been several days when I had none. None! That hasn't happened since I was 12 years old!

I had my blood tests taken a few days ago, and the levels haven't changed. My dermatologist said I'm doing pretty good, considering I'm experiencing only the 'normal' side effects. I will probably keep on 30mg for two more months and then go on 40mg on the last month. I am so happy this is going good so far, and I hope with all my heart it will go even better!

I will update you again next month :) Have you ever tried Roaccutane? What was your experience like?


My Empties #4


Here I am again with another empties post! It's so funny that us beauty bloggers keep our 'trash', seriously. Anyway! I've got some skincare, some haircare and some make-up to talk about today. First on the list is my beloved Bioderma Sensibio H2O, which I have already raved about a couple of months ago. Let's just say I had already purchased a new bottle when I was halfway through it! I seriously love this product, it's a great post-make-up-removal micellar water. It really helps get every single bit of make-up off and I highly recommend it.

Next is the Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner combo (only shampoo pictured). I had used it back in March and loved it, so I decided to repurchase later in the year. It didn't blew me away as the first time, maybe because the water in Rome where I live now is more 'polluted' and it makes my hair awful anyway. :'(

I finally have made it and finished my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, which I think I have had for over a year and a half. I have struggled so much finishing this, because it's such a thick cream that you only need a very tiny amount every time you use it. It's even too thick for me, so I don't think I would repurchase it. If you have extremely dry skin, though, I reckon this would be a very good hand cream to use as a "mask" with those sponge gloves you can find in beauty stores. :)

What empties post would be completed without a nail polish remover? This time it's the Bottega Verde Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover with honey extract, a product that I don't think is sold elsewhere than Italy. At 8,99 euros, it's quite pricey nail polish for what I usually tend to spend on this kind of product, but it does it job very nicely without drying my nails at all.


I finished up another can of Batist Dry Shampoo in the Classic version. For some reason here in Italy it's spelled without the final "e", I don't know why! However it's the exact same I have reviewed here. It's my all time favourite dry shampoo - it has a great fresh scent, it does a great job at absorbing the excess oil and it gives the hair a lot of volume, which I find only this dry shampoo does!

The Maybelline The Rocket Mascara definitely was a good one. Super volumizing, super black and super cheap! I loved the thick applicator with the tiny spikey bristles, I found they did a great job at creating lots and lots of volume in my lashes. I would repurchase it if only there weren't so many other mascaras to try out!

I got a teeny tiny sample of MAC Zoom Lash Mascara a while ago in a swap and I have carried it in my handbag for quick touch-ups for a few good months. I really like the applicator and formula; it's not very volumizing, but it's really lenghtening and that's mainly what I look in a mascara. I would be definitely interested in getting the full size :)

Lastly, I finished up a Labello Chamomile & Calendula lip balm. Labello lipbalms are truly the best, my whole family uses them and I have used them for ages. They are super moisturizing to the point they almost feel greasy, but they really hydrate the lips like no other. The Chamomile and Calendula lipbalm has a nice, non offensive herbal scent. This product has been my savior all throughout the cold months and I have already repurchased one, but in a different scent.

Have you tried any of these products? Have you finished any beauty product recently?