Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid

Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid

You'll all probably know by now that I've undergone a harsh dermatological treatment during the past winter, since I mention it in every other post here! However, since the skin is more exposed to the sun during Summer, I had to stop using the cleanser that my dermatologist gave me, which was rich in salicylic and glycolic acid. So, I got the Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid, a much more gentle product. All Avène product's first ingredient is Avène thermal water, which has soothing and calming properties (by the way, I've already reviewed the Avène Eau Thermale spray here) that my skin, I have discovered, really likes. 

The Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid comes in a 300ml bottle with a not very practical pump (it's kinda hard to push). However, the product itself has a gel texture; it has a nice fresh scent that is not overpowering in the slightest. I use it just like a regular cleanser - I wet my hands, get some of the product, apply it on my face in circular motions, and then rinse it off with water. Right after using it I notice that my skin looks way less red and definitely soothed. I love this cleanser because it purifies the skin without stripping all the oil from it and making it feel tight, which was exactly what I was looking for.  

I would definitely recommend the Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid to everyone that's maybe affected by rosacea or couperose, or who's just looking for a very gentle cleanser. 

Have you ever tried this product? What do you think about it?


Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base

essence I love stage

 essence I love stage

About a month ago I picked up the Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base because I'd never tried an eye primer (I know, I know) and I wanted to try one without spending too much money. In fact, 99% of Essence products cost less than €5, so it's the perfect brand for make-up newbies! I think one of my first ever lipsticks was from Essence.. but that's another story. 

The Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base looks pretty much like a concealer, in that it comes with a doe foot applicator and it has a skintone colour, with a rather yellow undertone. It has a good consistency and it's easy to blend. A little goes a long way, too: I only need two small drops to cover the entire eyelid. Apart from making the eyeshadow colour be more vibrant -which is always a plus- it prevents the eyeshadows from creasing, which is what I was looking for! I usually wear eyeshadow for not longer than 5-6 hours, but this product definitely prolongs the wear of any eyeshadow I'm wearing on top. All this at a ridiculously inexpensive price - only €2,49!

What are your thoughts on the Essence I ♥ stage eyeshadow base? Have you ever tried anything from Essence? 


My top picks from Sheinside



Light blue dungarees
Blue sweater
Pink sunflower shorts
Denim polka dot dress

I believe you all already know Sheinside as it's a super popular online clothing shop. I was wandering through the hundreds of pages on the website and I found some cute pieces that I wanted to share with you! I feel like Sheinside's choice of clothing is much more near to my style than lots of online clothing stores that everybody is raving about now. Sheinside offer much more girly, feminine and unique clothing at reasonable prices, which is rare nowadays! Moreover, they have free international shipping - my heart skipped a beat when I read those three words, haha :) 

Which of the two sets do you like best? What are your favourite picks from Sheinside?


Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+

 Bionike Defence Sun

For most people, Summer means the beach, holiday, having fun. For me, Summer equals sunscreen. I have always had very pale skin, but of course I didn't care when I was younger, and happily sunbathed in the sun for hours. Now that I'm a bit older, I much prefer having pale skin rather than being tanned now, but having wrinkles and dark spots in a few years. To keep my skin elastic and protected from the sun -and to prevent my acne scars from becoming permanent- I have to use sunscreen. 

This summer I chose Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+ on recommendation of my dermatologist. I put it to the test and took it with me on a family vacation in sunny Sicily and hey - this thing really does its job. While my body, on which I applied SPF 30, gradually tanned a bit, my face, on which I applied the Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+ remained as white as the first day. So now that I'm back home I'm left with a face and neck that are a few shades lighter than the rest of my body, but that's another story. I like this product because I can see it protects my skin in an effective way, but what I dislike about it is its consistency. As many other sunscreens, it's white and goopy and unless you only apply a teeny tiny amount, you'll be left with a sticky face. And that is not the most pleasant feeling when you're under the sun with 40 degrees outside! Thank God they invented hats. Moreover, it's non-comedogenic, so it hasn't clogged my pores too much.

I don't think I'll repurchase it in the future simply because I'd like to try something new, but it's a very good product with a little price (I only paid €14 for it).


My life in photos #4


Homemade strawberry tiramisu, a box full of goodies from the US, my favourite magazine, a beautiful poppy, going to a uni meeting, rice with boiled eggs, peas and tuna, flowers from my high school graduation, my best friend during summer, my all time favourite perfume

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NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige

 NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige

 NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige

After reading so many rave reviews about the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige, I decided to finally try it and asked for it in a swap with a girl from the US. First of all, why is this called Beige? It's not beige at all, it's more like a mauvy pink shade without shimmer. All NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses come in a very simple yet pretty packaging and a doe foot applicator, which I find handy enough to distribute the product evenly on my lips. 
I have quite mixed feelings about this lipgloss! First of all, I don't think the shades suits me very much, as it has blue undertones and I feel like they clash with my skintone. It's a very pigmented lipgloss, but it settles into the little lines on my lips from the first coat. It also has a very strong scent of cherries which annoys me a bit -I wish all my make-up smelt like MAC lipsticks!-, but it doesn't linger on my lips for long. On a positive note, it's not a sticky lipgloss, and it has a small price. 

I really wanted to like this gloss, but I don't find myself wearing it very often. If pinks with blue undertone suit you though, I suggest you check it out!


Adrienne Vittadini Amore Perfume

Launched in 1999 by Adrienne Vittadini, Adrienne Vittadini Amore fragrance is a daytime perfume for women that features a blend of sensual floral notes and cooling citrus accents. Its top notes -amber, mandarin orange, and Sicilian bergamot- mix beautifully with warm base notes of lemon, musk, jasmine and lily of the valley, creating a feminine, distinctive scent. If you are looking for the perfect summer scent, Adrienne Vittadini Amore might be the one for you!


John Frieda Straight Ahead shampoo & conditioner




I've been trying the John Frieda Straight Ahead shampoo and conditioner for a few months now and I feel ready to share my thoughts about them with you. Let's begin with saying I don't even know why I bought these in the first place. I have naturally frizzy and kinda curly hair, so why would I buy products that are designed for straight hair? Sob. I bought these back in February, and I probably thought these would help me fight the frizziness. Did they work? Nope. Of course. They kinda ruined my hair, too. Now I'm back to an oil-enriching shampoo and conditioner and I hope to make my hair look 'normal' again! 

I'm not saying that they are bad products in the slightest way. I have read lots of positive reviews about them, and I bet they do their job.. on the right type of hair! I'd suggest you give them a try if you are a straight-haired girl :)


Today I want.. #18


I've been lately finding myself looking for a subtle drugstore highlighter, but I haven't found any good ones yet. I think MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade, even though it's not drugstore, would be the perfect one for me since I have a very light complexion.    

Sticking on the 'light complexion' subject - it's been a few years since I decided to stay away from the sun during the Summer, and this choice definitely hasn't spared me a lot of "You look so white, you really need to get a tan"s from friends, relatives and even strangers. I feel completely comfortable without a tan, but I kinda feel that my skin lacks a bit of glow. I really want to try the Caudalie Jambes Divines oil, as it's supposed to provide that glow without making me look like I've used a self-tanning product.   

I'm not much of a blush person as I think that applying it on  my cheeks would only make my problematic skin look worse, but the concept of the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée intrigues me. As the name suggests, it's a coconut water-infused jelly blush which is supposed to provide hydration and look as natural skin. I would definitely try it out if only Josie Maran was sold here :(


MAC Lovely Lily pigment

MAC lovely lily

Some weeks ago I received MAC Lovely Lily pigment in a swap with a girl from the UK and I've been playing with it ever since. I am a neutral girl at heart and I basically never go for colours, at least on my eyes. However, I decided to give it a try, since lilac is one of my favourite colours!

MAC Lovely Lily is a gorgeous pinky lilac with a frost finish. As with any other pigment, it can be applied dry for a softer look (which I usually like to do) or wet, to make the colour really pop. As I've said before, colourful eye make-up looks are really not my thing, but Lovely Lily really complements my brown eyes well, so I like to apply it just in the inner corner of my eyes while leaving the rest of the make-up neutral. I think that is the perfect way to integrate a pop of colour if you're scared of really bright shades on your eyes!  


Jewel perfume for women by Alfred Sung

Launched in 2005, Jewel by Alfred Sung is a sensual and elegant fragrance for women with neroli flower and fruity notes of black currant and pear mixed with creamy jasmine. This perfume is feels sweet and juicy while still smelling clean and light on the skin. The top notes of this scent are a fresh blend of neroli combined with elegant orange blossom and night blooming jasmine; other notes include frangipani petals, coconut milk and plum.
Topped by white floral and fruity notes, Jewel by Alfred Sung is a fresh and radiant perfume that is easy to wear but distinctive at the same time. Next time you stop by your local beauty store, go and take a sniff at it! ;)


Persunmall July Clothing Giveaway

I am so excited and happy to tell you that I have teamed up with Persunmall to host a giveaway for you all!

 photo PERSUN_zps713bf8f3.png

Persunmall will select one winner every 60 participants, that means 1 winner out of 60, 2 winners out of 120, etc.. the more people take part in, the more winners there will be!

The giveaway is international and will be open from July 1st to July 15th. Winners will be announced on PersunMall Official Page on July 19th. PersunMall marketing team will contact winners by email.

Now onto the prizes! The winners will be allowed to choose one item from the following:

Moreover, Persunmall also offers a $100 gift card for a randomly-selected lucky winner! I think that's awesome :)

Lastly, every participant can use a 20% off $60 orders code which will be valid until July 30th: 
If you're unsure on what to use your coupon on, my favourite pieces are this white and blue shirt, this cute pink satchel and this retro looking floral skirt! PersunMall couldn't have been more kind, right? Just fill out the Rafflecopter form to be entered - it's super easy!


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