$80 worth of make-up Giveaway

Balderdashinn is giving away $80 worth in make-up from the brand of your choice!

New Dolly Wink product line

I love Japanese products, they look so good! What do you think about them? :)


Asian Make-up Giveaway

Aki is giving away some make-up goods from such brands as Anna Sui and Ayamo x Rock.


Kiko Luscious Cream Lipstick #500

I had been looking for a nude lipstick for some time when a few days ago I found this nice Kiko lipstick. Let's have a look at it!


Before / After

What I love about this product:
First of all, I love the shade. You can't really see it in the photo, but it's way fairer than my lips and I love that. The light tone is perfect when you want to focus on the eyes and not on the lips. 
Another thing I loved about this product is the texture: it's very creamy, so it's easy to apply this lipstick. Actually, it's so creamy that I have to blot  it on a tissue a bit to make the colour look more natural. 

What I don't like about this product:
It doesn't stay really much on your lips - about an hour or two, so it needs frequent reapplication. Also, I don't find the packaging very handy, as you have to push down the upper part and pull a bit until the stick comes down.

I would definitely buy this product again. It's a nice little lipstick and it's quite cheap as it costs only about €7. 


A bad nail polish experience

A few days ago I was wandering in a little beauty shop in my town when I saw a golden sparkling nail polish. Since lately I've been developing a thing for all things golden and it was quite cheap, I decided to buy it. 

When I got home I opened it, and it had the worst smell ever - not the typical nail polish smell. I started to apply it, but one coat didn't cover completely my nails as I wanted it to, so I applied more (about three coats). I didn't like the final result at all; my nail was still showing, but I decided to keep it anyway and let it "ruin" so I could remove it more easily, as all the cheap nail polishes usually get damaged in a few days. 

But this one didn't! This one didn't even get chipped after one week, so yesterday I decided to finally remove it. It was AWFUL. It just didn't want to go away. I kept on rubbing and rubbing until some thin layers of nail started to fall off.. it didn't hurt, it was just painful to see my nails so damaged. Thank god I had a good nail hardener handy. So what I learned from this experience is: never, ever buy cheap nail polishes, even if they look nice, even if you have no money.

(by the way, the nail polish I'm talking about is by Donnapiù (unknown brand) and it doesn't even have a name or code. What the hell did I have in mind when I bought it?


ps: 100 followers giveaway coming very soon, I just need a few more items ;)


BH Cosmetics 88 Color Tropical Palette Giveaway

A Day To Forget is giving away this uge palette by BH Cosmetics!

New Sigma products being released

As a proud Sigma Beauty affiliate, I think it's my duty to inform you about all the new products being launched! Let's have a look!

The Cities Collection is being launched on November 21, 2011.

"The kits feature seven travel-sized brushes from our best selling Essential and Premium Kits (E05 Eyeliner, E35 Tapered Blending, E45 Small Tapered Blending, E60 Large Shader, F05 Small Contour, F15 Duo Fibre, and F30 Large Powder). The brushes are held in a travel-size container that turns into two brush holders to keep your brushes organized, even on the go. Each kit was designed to represent the beauty and excitement of the city it is named after."
There are four kits in this collection: London, Tokyo, Paris and New York, in four different colours.

The Make Me Up Collection – Travel Edition is being launched on November 28, 2011.

You can get these practical travel sized kits in Black, Aqua, Coral and Purple, and they will contain "seven colorful brushes held in a functional and stylish container (E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading, E65 Small Angle, F30 Large Powder, F40 Large angled Contour, and F60 Foundation)."

The Bunny Collection will be released on December 5, 2011.

This collection is part of a vegan friendly line and will contain a full-size and a travel-size set. The first one will contain 12 brushes "all made with the Sigmax HD fibers", while the second one will have "seven best selling brushes from the Essential kit."

The Extravaganza Face Kit will be released on December 12, 2011.

The brushes in this collection are "hand-crafted with 18 karat gold-plated ferrules". Your make-up has never been so luxurious before!

I'm particularly excited about the Extravaganza Face Kit! What about you?


L'Oréal Double Extension Mascara

For my first review ever, I choose a make-up product I recently bought - L'Oréal Double Extension Mascara. After seeing a few commercials on tv, I was convinced to buy it because I wanted to try the primer. Maybe I was naive, but I thought I could use it as a white mascara (which I really want but can't find anywhere!) .. but it turned up that no, it's not good for that.







After (one coat)


What I love about this product:
It works nice for me. I have quite long lashes myself, and this mascara lenghtens them even more, especially if I put more than one coat on. Also, the primer has Ceramide R in it, which makes it a great base coat.

What I don't like about this product:
It's quite thick, so removing it is not so easy; also, it doesn't separate lashes as I want to, so I usually apply another transparent mascara after the black coat to get the look I desire. Plus, it's really expensive for a student like me - it cost about €20.

I think it's a great mascara if you have short eyelashes, or if you want to make them look longer. I don't think I'd buy it again, not because it's a bad product, but just because I don't need it. Also, as I said, it's quite expensive for me. I've bought more satisfying mascaras for less! Again, it just depends on what you're looking for in a mascara.


A few changes

Last night I was looking through as some amazing reviews blogs and I thought, why don't I change my giveaway blog to a giveaway and review blog? It really seems a fun thing to do! So I thought my old URL didn't fit anymore, and I had to choose a more proper one. I thought about something that could describe myself and 'little doe' came into my mind within a few seconds - everybody calls me so because of my big, brown eyes. I just had it to translate it to French and.. voilà! I've already thought of a few products that I already own I can review, and I think you will certainly like it. I can't wait to start!

For everyone who entered my giveaway - don't worry, even though the URL of the blog changed you're still in the competition ;) 


7 H&M Nail Polishes Giveaway

Hello! I decided to host a giveaway, I hope you'll like it! :D


The prize includes:

- two Hello Kitty x H&M nail polishes in Pink Summer and Corall Summer;
- a H&M nail polish in Blue Wave;
- a H&M nail polish in Sea Pearl;
- a H&M nail polish in Pink;
- a H&M nail polish in Cherry;
- a H&M nail polish in Miss Stone Heart.

There are tons of ways to enter this contest, but you have to be a follower of my other blog Delicate Youth.

(of course if you want to you can follow this one too, but it's not mandatory)

Good luck everyone ♥