My Roaccutane Experience: Month 2 & 3


Here I am with the second post about my Roaccutane journey! It's been exactly 3 months since I started taking it. I'm still on 30mg a day, but I will probably ask to up the dose next time I see my dermatologist as it's going so well! It's insane. I would have never imagined how quickly it would have worked - I'm just hoping my skin will look this good when I stop the treatment too. But let's be more detailed, shall we :)

As I have said in my first Roaccutane experience post, my skin started clearing up about three weeks into the treatment. During the month of March I have had three (yes, only THREE) pimples, and that was probably because I wasn't eating very healthily. I pretty much have only scars left, which is just insane to think of... Yes, because when you wake up every day of your life for almost 10 years with at least one breakout on your face, you get used to it. So this whole 'no breakout situation' is completely new to me!

My skin has definitely been dry, but not drier than it was in the first month. My morning and evening skincare routine are exactly the same - I wash my face using Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo Cleansing Fluid, then I apply a thick moisturizer my dermatologist gave me (it's a local product so it's no point in me telling you the name). I know some people on Roaccutane have to moisturize multiple times throughout the day - that's definitely not my case. I would say my skin has gotten incredibly drier compared to what it was before, but it's rarely flakey or tight. Applying moisturizer before putting on my makeup is mandatory, otherwise the dryness will show through.
To take my make-up off I'm still using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser and Bioderma, and they don't irritate my skin very much at all and substitute make-up removing wipes beautifully.

Lips - My lips have been dry but not extremely flakey; I've been using the Bionike Proxera Lipogel lipbalm, which feels more like an oil rather than a lipbalm and smells like MAC lipsticks, which is amazing. It's worked very well so far in giving back my lips some needed moisture :)
Nose - The tip of my nose is driving me insane - no matter how much moisturizer I put on it, no matter when I apply it, it won't do nothing! It's so noticeable when I put foundation on, I hate it!
Hands - I got a weird rash on my hands from mid-February to mid-March, but it's completely gone now. My dermatologist said it was a normal reaction that many people experience during Roaccutane.
Eyes - My eyes get a little bit dry during the afternoon, especially if I have a lesson at Uni or I'm studying.
Body -The only other part of my body that is drier than normal are my underarms and arms, but nothing major. Despite not being super dry, my body skin is definitely more sensitive and that's a problem when it comes to shaving. I usually wax my legs and underarms, but I'm scared it will hurt too much - if you've been on Roaccutane, how did you shave? D:

I haven't been experiencing any other side effects: my blood levels are fine, I'm not feeling any more depressed than I normally am (haha), no headaches. I'm so, so, so happy that the treatment is going so well and I do hope with all my heart it will go even better!
Feel free to ask me questions and tell me about your experience in the comments below ♥

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