KIKO Soft Touch Blush #112 'Light Plum'

Kiko Soft Touch Blush n.112 Light Plum | Le Petit Faon

With my skin getting better on the acne front thanks to the Roaccutane treatment I have been going through, I decided to start experimenting with blushes more. When my skin was looking terrible and inflamed, there really was no point in wearing it as it was already hard enough for me to cover the blemishes and red marks. Since I have no clue when it comes to blushes, I decided to get a cheaper one just for the sake of experimenting with a new product, and obviously the first brand that came to my mind was KIKO!

In my opinion, KIKO is the cheap equivalent of MAC: they have so many colour options, especially in the eyeshadow, lip products and nail polish department. For some strange reason my local KIKO store only had 6 Soft Touch blushes available, so I decided to go with the most natural looking of all, which is #112 'Light Plum'.

KIKO Soft Touch Blush in #112 'Light Plum' is a cool toned mid-pink shade, which looks much darker and scarier in the pan than it is on the skin. It doesn't have the softest texture in that it's a bit chalky, but it applies nicely on the cheeks and it blends quite well. It gives the most natural flush of colour without being too obvious, which is great because I have extremely fair skin. I apply it very sparingly because I'm still not used to wearing blush, but you can definitely build it up without it looking too fake. It's completely matte as well, so that makes it a lovely everyday product.

I am so happy with this blush and I have been using it everytime I do my make-up! I would definitely recommend it to the pale-skinned girls out there like me, and to those who are looking for a very natural looking blusher without spending an excessive amount of money - at €7,50 it's an absolute bargain for its quality!

Have you ever tried any of the KIKO blushes? 

Kiko Soft Touch Blush n.112 Light Plum | Le Petit Faon

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