Avon Giveaway - Open Worldwide

I'm sorry my posts have been so sparse lately, but since school has started keeping up with the blog has been practically impossible. To make up for my absence, I have a giveaway for you! As you will probably know if you follow me on any social network, I became an Avon rep a few weeks ago, so I thought I could give away some Avon products! :) I tried to choose something that anyone could like and I hope you like the prizes!

The rules are very simple; you only need to fill up the Rafflecopter form.
This giveaway will be on for a month until October 26th and it's open internationally.
Good luck everybody ♥



Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Luxurious Facial soufflé


Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Restoring hair mask


Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter hand & cuticle cream

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats to Josiane Oliveira Alves!
I'll get in touch with you asap :)


5 Fall nail polishes


Models Own NP098 Purple Ash, Deborah 10 Cashmere Creme, Chanel 505 Particulière, H&M Hunt me down, H&M Fall in love

I'm so sorry for the absence, but school started last week and I'm already busy as hell. Anyway, these are my top five Fall nail polishes! They're the ones I wear the most because they're pretty much all neutrals and go perfectly together with most of the things I wear during this time of the year. When I want to go for a more "dramatic" look, I choose H&M Fall in love, a deep cherry red. Quality wise I'd say the best one is Models Own Purple Ash, because it's perfectly opaque in one coat and it doesn't chip easily; the worst ones are Deborah Cashmere Creme and Chanel Particulière, as the tips start to get ruined after literally ten minutes. Is it just me??
I'd love to hear what your favourite nail polishes to wear in the Fall! :)


Today I want.. #6

Petit Faon

...Burberry Body Rose Gold Eau de Parfum. I bought my first bottle of Burberry Body last October in a Burberry store -everything was so glamorous, I was overwhelmed- and I've been using it religiously ever since. Special memories are connected to the warm scent of this perfume: it was the same perfume that lingered in my room in Oxford, a wonderful city I visited last year; I spent such a great time there! Anyway, Burberry has recently released a limited edition rose gold bottle of this perfume - yes, my dear youtube gurus and fashion bloggers, I said rose gold. Not only my favourite perfume, but also my favourite precious metal! I have to get this. Too bad it's so expensive!


Inglot Freedom System Palette


When I was in Valencia, Spain  during the cruise I did last month I had the chance to do some shopping at Inglot. Inglot is definitely one of the most popular brands between bloggers and make-up gurus, so I decided to try out a few eyeshadows. I love the fact that you can create your own customized palettes thanks to the Freedom System! After swatching tons and tons of eyeshadows (the selection was huge, really. I wish I'd taken a photo of the stand), I picked up three.

Matte 360, Matte 341, Matte 319

As you can tell from the photos, they're all neutrals - you've probably heard me saying I pretty much only use neutral a thousand times! There were some stunning, hyper-pigmented golds in the store, and please don't ask me why I didn't get those or even noted their number down, because I just don't know! 
Anyway, Matte 360 is a cool toned light brown, perfect for crease defining. Matte 319 is what I call an "antique pink". It's blue toned and it looks great applied all over the lid, it gives definition to the eye and it looks very natural. Matte 341 is a nude beigey brown. Those were €7 each, and the palette was free! :D I don't know if it was like a special promotion for that store; if not, you better hurry to your Inglot counter! Getting the palette for free is a huge deal!
I couldn't be happier with the eyeshadows I got. They're all very pigmented, they don't crease, they're buttery soft. The palette is sturdy (and it definitely looks professional); I wouldn't fear carrying it in my bag. They're definitely worth the hype, and considering each one is €7, they're much less expensive than M.A.C ones. I believe they're bigger too! Go get you some Inglot eyeshadows if you can :)

Matte 319, Matte 341, Matte 360


Easy high bun for long hair


A busy day means no time to dedicate to my reviews, so today I bring you another kind of post: a video tutorial on how I do my high bun! I hope you enjoy it :)


A happy day

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the absence, but I haven't had the time to write a proper post for the past 4 days or so. It's late in the evening now and I'm super tired but I wanted to post something nonetheless!
There are some news in my life at the moment and I'm pretty excited about them. First of all, I just became an Avon rep! I'm so happy! I've been looking for an undemanding job for a while now, since I still go to high school and I don't have much time in the afternoon. I did a bit of research and then decided to contact Avon! I can't wait to start promoting the products. You can definitely expect some reviews here ;)
Today I went to the recently opened IKEA in my town and I got a few things including a sewing machine! I have always been into crafting and I got into sewing about last year, and I was really starting to need a sewing machine. It was only €79 which is great because all the other machines are more expensive and I'll only do the most basic things with mine. I'm so, so, so happy and I can't wait to thread it tomorrow morning! 
I'm just going to go to bed now before I fall asleep on the keyboard. I hope you're all having a great weekend! x


Etude House Blooming Lips-Talk

Ever since I started to be interested in Asian make-up, I considered Etude House Blooming Lips-Talk the cutest looking lipstick. The product is housed in a light pink bullet with a little bow at the front, which is the cutest thing ever! I just love how this lipstick looks!



The code of the shade I chose is OR202 - it has a name as well, but unfortunately I can't read Korean :( When I chose it, I was aware that product swatches on online websites are often not too reliable. As soon as I saw what the colour was IRL I feared that it would show peach on my lips, a colour that doesn't particularly suit my skintone. Luckily, it looks as a light orange *with a hint* of peach; it's a nice summery shade.


The texture is creamy and moisturizing at first, but it will start to feel dry after an hour or so; you might want to reapply just to give the lips that shiny look again.
The product has a faint fruity scent and it didn't bother me at all.
Etude House Blooming Lips-Talk retails for about $11.00, which is a good price for a lipstick. I really liked this lipstick and next time I have the chance I will definitely try more shades! :)




Today I want.. #5

I usually never find anything on the Jewelry section of the Topshop website: I don't like studs or skulls or crosses, so it's often hard for me to find nice jewelry. Today I was browsing the website and I started browsing the jewelry out of curiosity.. I found so many cute items, I couldn't believe it! Here are some of my favourites :)