Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

After managing to use a light-coverage foundation for two years, about 5 months ago my acne got so bad that I decided to switch to a more heavy duty product than my beloved Chanel Vitalumière Aqua: the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. I have been using it for a long period of time now and I have fallen in love with it!

I was looking for an oil free, long lasting product, but most of all I wanted something that would cover up all the redness and scarring on my skin: the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation seemed to tick all the boxes. This foundation's coverage definitely is very high, but what I like about it is that it doesn't look fake or cakey - it looks like real skin. It almost gives a glowy, non-flat finish. And on some very good skin days, I can even skip concealer!
Despite having such a high coverage, it doesn't have a thick consistency: it's almost runny and it doesn't feel very heavy on the skin. For that reason, I like to apply it with my hands by patting it on the skin - that way I can concentrate more product on my problem areas and less where I don't really need it. I tried to apply it with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush when I first bought this foundation, but I found the coverage was less intense and the effect was less natural. Also, for some reason the product clinged to dry patches like crazy, so for me the best way is to apply it with my fingers.

Back when I bought this product, I wasn't on Roaccutane (read more about that here) and my skin was oilier than usual, so I had to powder after max three hours after applying my make-up - it was driving me insane. Thankfully, now that my sebum production is being controlled by Roaccutane, I can wear this foundation for more than 12 hours, which is a dream come true. It wears really well and it find it tends to disappear a bit on certain areas only after many hours. 

On the whole, I would definitely recommend the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation to those who have hyperpigmentations, blemishes and things like that, not so much to the lucky girls with already good skin! The only 'con' about this product is that it need a good moisturized base underneath, because it tends to cling to dry patches. The shade selection is great -it comes in 26 shades-, so I bet there's one for everybody. What's not so great is the price which is pretty high, but I am willing to pay a bit more for such a good product. Also, I've been using it since October and it's not nearly empty yet!
Overall I am really enjoying my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I would absolutely repurchase it if I was not hoping to not need it at the end of my Roaccutane treatment ;)

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