Today I want.. #12

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Essie Fiji, Neo Whimsical, Lilacism

I've been all about pink-lilac nail polishes for the past days. I just bought Essie Splash of Grenadine a few days ago, but my thirst for delicate hues has still not been quenched! (sounds a bit creepy.) Maybe it's just that Spring is coming. Since I can't afford spending €35 in nail polishes -at least not all at once!- which one do you advice getting first: the uber famous white pink Fiji, the gorgeous pastel pink Neo Whimsical or the white-lilac beauty that is Lilacism?


  1. I honestly think that you will be putting a lot of people in a difficult spot by asking that question. Or at least, I am finding myself trapped! All 3 of them are perfect, not overdone yet they capture the pastel colors that is once again the colors that represents spring.

    After putting some thought to it, personally I would go for Neo Whimsical as my first choice. Simply because pink is #1 color for me when it comes to nails. :p

    1. I think I'm gonna go for Neo Whimsical too ;)

  2. bellissimi colori, sono proprio il ritratto della primavera...li trovo decisamente sofisticati!!!credo che mi lascerĂ² tentare dal lilacism...adorabile!!!

  3. I love those colors.. Essie polishes are good :)

  4. Lilacism *-* bellissimi gli Essie, ma costicchiano un po'...