My thoughts about.. Alexander McQueen F/W14

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Yesterday I was catching up with Paris fashion week shows and I was simply amazed by the Alexander McQueen collection for Fall 2014. You know that I don't usually write posts about fashion shows here, but I think this show deserved one. Why call it "ready to wear"? Those are definitely not dresses one would want to wear to the office, not even if you worked for Vogue. That is pure couture. Ten gorgeous pieces of art, each one rich in details and carefully handmade. I could see that even from the 450px wide photos from Style.com. I sometimes get really annoyed by endless shows like the Chanel one - sometimes more than 80 models will walk the runway. Now, I absolutely don't want to criticize Karl Lagerfeld who is a genius of our era, but I do love a small collection with a few pieces. I love thinking how many hours of them each one took to make, because that's what makes them true works of art, and true fashion. 


  1. omg :)

    but he should stop to do these kind of hats :))

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  2. its soo beautiful!

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