Avon Supershock mascara

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About a month ago I ran out of mascara, but at that time I was saving up for my trip to England so I didn't want to spend much on a new one. So, I decided to get the cheapest one I could find, the Avon Supershock mascara, which price varies from brochure to brochure, but I paid only €5.00 for it. 
The one I got is in a limited edition packaging which I find quite ugly, but I don't mind after all. It's got a big plastic wand with loads of tiny "spikes". After using it almost every day, I still haven't figured out if I like it or not. Sometimes it separates my lashes perfectly, sometimes it makes them look horrible. Sometimes it makes clumps, sometimes it doesn't. I think the worst problem I have with this mascara is that I can't apply it with my right hand to my left eye, or the application will be different from my right eye! I know it sounds strange, but it's the truth. It can be a problem when your're in a hurry and you don't have the time to apply mascara carefully. 
I don't look for much in a mascara, I'm not one of those people who put 10 coats on. My lashes are naturally quite long, so all I ask my mascara to do is separate them, give them a bit of volume and in general make me look more awake! I'm confused about this mascara and I probably wouldn't recommend it, unless you're broke and you can't afford a more expensive one. There are plenty of great mascaras out there, don't waste your time and money with the Avon Supershock.


  1. Never tried this out. The packaging is so cute.. but its not worth trying. Lovely review :)

  2. I've seen other bloggers rave about this though :)


  3. I like the packaging xoxox ..

  4. La confezione è molto carina, ma è pieno di problemi questo mascara.. Dell'Avon ho provato solo uno smalto (orribile) ed una matita per occhi, abbastanza carina, ma come marca non mi convince appieno soprattutto per i prezzi che hanno.. Grazie della recensione!