Orelia Jewelry



Oftentimes it's hard for me to find nice jewelry, since I don't really like studs or statement pieces, which have been so trendy for the past two years or so. Moreover, even though I'm not super rich and I can't afford spending much on jewelry pieces, the ones you find in H&M or stores like that can feel and look too cheap. Orelia is a brand I've discovered in the Topshop Oxford street flagship store; they make dainty, romantic pieces which I find perfect for my style. The only thing that I bought at their Topshop stand was a pair of  Nerine earrings which I absolutely love. I don't wear dangling earrings often because I think they can be too flashy, but these are so delicate and simple that I'm not afraid to wear them!
Their prices are higher than those of lots of high street jewelry brands, but they're still quite affordable considering their quality.

I'm so glad I discovered this brand! I picked out a few of my favourites from the website:

 photo ORELIA_zpsadbc46bb.png

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  1. Such pretty earring! I do love how delicate the jewellry is.

  2. such delicate and pretty earrings :)

  3. just found your blog from your comment on Kate's blogging tips post you have a lovely blog and this jewellery is gorgeous!

    Nic xx


    1. Really? Thanks for the compliment :) I'm visiting your blog right now! x

  4. Such beautiful dainty jewelry!

  5. Grazie per il suggerimento, andrĂ² a curiosare. Adoro orecchini e gioielli in genere!