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Where I live there is no such thing as prom, and God knows how many times I wished there was whenever I was watching a teen movie! Even though it's not prom season yet, I think it's never too early to start searching for prom dresses inspiration :)

 prom dresses

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DressFirst offers a huge selection of prom, wedding, cocktail, evening dresses and so on - they basically cover every formal occasion you can ever imagine. Short dresses, long dresses, rhinestone-embellished ones; taffeta, organza, chiffon... they really have it all! If only I had some extra money to splurge, I would probably get one of those dresses to wear around the house when I want to feel like a princess ;)

prom dresses

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I think the best thing about DressFirst is that every dress is customizable - if you like the shape and the fabric of the dress but you don't think its colour would suit you, you can change it choosing from a wide range of shades. Oh wait, that's actually not the best thing about DressFirst - it's the fact that 99% of the dresses available are under $200, which I think is amazing! Their shipping rates are also quite cheap, and you can choose between a fast, standard or 'super saving' service. Another good thing about DressFirst is that every dress is pictured in multiple photos and from different angles, so you know how each part of the dress is made. Moreover, in all the pages you can find all the details about the silhouette, neckline and embellishments of dress you are currently viewing if you just scroll down the page. 

If I were to go to prom -or any special event, really- I would definitely choose something similar to one of the dresses in the photos above. As you can see, they all have almost the same shape: a tight, embellished corset with a flowy chiffon gown. I think it's the kind of dress that suits me the most, but of course you can find many other types on DressFirst just by clicking over the 'Special Occasion Dresses' tab. 

Next time you are looking for inspiration for formal dresses, I suggest you take a look at DressFirst :) What are your favourite dresses from their website?

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  1. That first red dress is so beautiful! And so cheap too.