Where have I been?

Hello, everyone. ♡ I know I haven't posted here in a long time, and I'm sorry. The past two weeks have been quite busy and boring at the same time: we've had the air conditioning installed in our house last week, so I had to help my parents clean the whole apartment up - it was a mess! Then I spent this week at my grandma's house who lives in a very small mountain town and I only had access to a super slow internet connection there, so I spent my time watching Hugh Grant movies (I might be developing an insane addiction to that man) and buying overpriced stuff I don't need
My lack of posts is also due -believe it or not- to the fact that I have nothing to post about! I haven't been shopping in quite a long time and I seriously cannot wait to go to the mall on Tuesday and get my hands on some new beauty products. If you have any requests or ideas on posts I could write, please let me know! Regular reviews are hopefully coming next week. I've missed blogging so much!

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  1. Welcome to blogging again =)

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