Essence 'Always in my mint'

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About two weeks ago I picked up a nail polish from the new Essence 'Me & my ice cream' collection, which is all about the pastel shades. Always in my mint is a lovely mint green colour, or a white with a tinge of mint green in it, I should say. It also has a light shimmer to it and although I've never tried it, the shade reminds me a lot of & Other Stories' Moire Green. 
I have seen other people's swatches of this nail polish and I don't know why, but it performs super sheer on me, so sheer that I can still see my nails underneath after three coats. I guess I could apply a white base underneath, but I simply don't want to - a good nail polish should be pigmented enough to be opaque in two coats. Moreover, the first two coats were kinda splotchy and the nail polish was hard to apply. I guess I can't ask a lot from a €3,29 product, but I've tried other nail polishes from Essence and they were way better than this one. 

I really wanted to like this nail polish, but I guess my quest to find a good pale mint green has to continue :( Have you tried Essence Always in my mint? What do you think about it? 

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