My Empties #2

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I think I have accumulated enough rubbish since my previous empties post, so here I am with another collective review of the products I've recently used up!

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I don't think I have reviewed the Lycia Micellar Water with Lotus Flower because it's not sold outside of Italy - however I think it's a very nice micellar water. It's gentle on the skin and it has a very pleasant scent. I like to use it on a cotton pad after removing my make-up, just to be sure that every residue of make-up is gone. The next product is the Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil mask, which you've heard me rave about in this post - I have loved it so much, but unfortunately I can't get my hands on it anymore unless I order it online. I would absolutely recommend it if you have dry or damaged hair in need of some extra hydration, and I would definitely purchase it again. The third product is the Avène Eau Thermale which I've reviewed a few months ago, and which I've already repurchased. It's a miracle product if you have irritated, sore skin - it will soothe it in minutes. I absolutely love it!

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I've managed to get my hands on some Soap & Glory products, namely the Scrub of Your Life and the Clean, Girls body wash. The first product is a very nice scrub; I like it because it really exfoliates the skin and it ladders pretty well, unlike some exfoliators I've tried in the past; same thing for the body wash. 
Since I've reviewed the Avon Supershock mascara here, I've changed my mind about it. As most mascara, it got better with time and after a month or so of using it, I started liking it a lot. 

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I use a nail wheel for  my nail polish posts - that must mean something about my actual nails! I have a very little nail bed but I don't like my nails to be long, so I always end up with having super short nails. I decided to try fake nails for once and I've posted the result on Instagram here and here. I absolutely loved the effect, but I'm not used to having long nails, so I removed them the day after :( I would definitely recommend the Essence French Click & Go Nails, applying them is foolproof!
My last empty product is a packet of Dove Beauty Cleansing wipes. I always like to try new types of make-up removing wipes - I think they all do the job pretty much the same way. These were nice, but didn't blow me off! 


  1. Great products :) I've been meaning to try Soap and Glory too


  2. Non sapevo avessi un nuovo blog :) Davvero bello, anche le foto sono stupende, ti seguo.
    Anyway, sono una grande fan dell'Eau Thermale di Avène, per le pelli sensibili come la mia è una salvezza!