Guest post: Hair Heaven With A Halo For All


Halo hair extensions are taking the market by storm. Like all the best ideas, it’s very simple and has brought genuine speed and convenience to the hair extension process – which we all know can be time consuming if you want a great finish. It’s award-winning and Glamour magazine called it revolutionary, the miracle wire at the heart of the product is patent-pending – this is a genuine breakthrough in hair extensions for everyone.

The process of wearing a Halo is supremely simple. The Halo simply sits on top of your own hair before you blend it in by just pulling your own hair over the miracle wire. A few brushes and you have a Halo in place. The miracle wire is fully adjustable so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and the quickest attachment of any hair extension. 

The Halo uses 100% guaranteed Remy Indian human hair. Remy hair has long been acknowledged as the best in the business. Remy hair is generally reckoned to last three times longer than any other hair extension. Halos can be used to add length or volume and comes in a huge range of shades so you’re bound to find a match. You can even email your photo in to the website and their team will advise you on the best match.

The company offer the classic Halo, clip in extensions and pre-bonded extensions too. The Halos come in 16 inch or 20 inch lengths. The best advice is that extensions shouldn’t be more than two times the length of your own hair. You can cut your Halo once you’ve got it. Halo themselves reckon that your Halo will last for around four months. But you do need to take care and store it carefully when it’s not in use. Once in place you can cut, curl or style your Halo hair just as you would your own. In fact, as it’s real human hair, treating your Halo like your own hair is probably the best way to think of product care. Halo recommend using a heat protector spray if you’re styling with heat.

Reviewers, both professional beauty journalists and the general public, have gone mad for the Halo. There are plenty of customer recommendations on the website. Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist tried out the clip in extensions and praised their ease of use, natural look, great value and said: “Curly or straight, these hair extensions look so natural and give my hair that voluminous look I have been craving so much lately,” adding, “You will NOT be disappointed in these, I'm officially a convert!”

Halo sell the simple and speedy Halo. They also sell clip in extensions for full head and half head coverage. A deluxe clip in set offers ‘extreme volume and length’. There’s also a range of pre-bonded extensions and the budget conscious can now enjoy the Halo experience with the Syn, the company’s first synthetic product, which promises to behave exactly like your own hair while using the same easy-to-use miracle wire. And these great products are available online from a range of top online shops. 

About the author 
My name is Steven Wishaw and my partner has been using these Halo hair extensions for many years and loves them to bits!

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