Back from England


I came back home from England last Saturday and I was really happy to. My trip to London was nice, but didn't really turn up as I expected. It was great to finally visit the National Gallery and the Tate Modern, but for the rest it was all a bit "meh". We were hosted in families and me and my best friend ended up in a disgusting, filthy house. We tried to stay there for the first two days, but it was impossible so we decided to change our accommodation. They put us in a house that was 40 minutes far from the school, but the host lady was very nice and her home as well! We had little to no time to do shopping (or anything else, really) because we had classes in the morning and group activities in the afternoon, so I wasn't able to get all the things that were in my wishlist :( believe it or not, I went to only one Topshop store (but it was the Oxford street one) and no Primark. However, I'm really happy with what I got. I managed to get a few things from Boots and Superdrug and I also went to the New Bond street Victoria's Secret shop! That was definitely amazing. Stay tuned for reviews of almost everything you see in the photo above ;)


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