MAC Lovely Lily pigment

MAC lovely lily

Some weeks ago I received MAC Lovely Lily pigment in a swap with a girl from the UK and I've been playing with it ever since. I am a neutral girl at heart and I basically never go for colours, at least on my eyes. However, I decided to give it a try, since lilac is one of my favourite colours!

MAC Lovely Lily is a gorgeous pinky lilac with a frost finish. As with any other pigment, it can be applied dry for a softer look (which I usually like to do) or wet, to make the colour really pop. As I've said before, colourful eye make-up looks are really not my thing, but Lovely Lily really complements my brown eyes well, so I like to apply it just in the inner corner of my eyes while leaving the rest of the make-up neutral. I think that is the perfect way to integrate a pop of colour if you're scared of really bright shades on your eyes!  


  1. Looks so beautiful on you!

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  2. I like this! And it looks so great on you :)

  3. looks lovely on you!

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