Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+

 Bionike Defence Sun

For most people, Summer means the beach, holiday, having fun. For me, Summer equals sunscreen. I have always had very pale skin, but of course I didn't care when I was younger, and happily sunbathed in the sun for hours. Now that I'm a bit older, I much prefer having pale skin rather than being tanned now, but having wrinkles and dark spots in a few years. To keep my skin elastic and protected from the sun -and to prevent my acne scars from becoming permanent- I have to use sunscreen. 

This summer I chose Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+ on recommendation of my dermatologist. I put it to the test and took it with me on a family vacation in sunny Sicily and hey - this thing really does its job. While my body, on which I applied SPF 30, gradually tanned a bit, my face, on which I applied the Bionike Defence Sun SPF 50+ remained as white as the first day. So now that I'm back home I'm left with a face and neck that are a few shades lighter than the rest of my body, but that's another story. I like this product because I can see it protects my skin in an effective way, but what I dislike about it is its consistency. As many other sunscreens, it's white and goopy and unless you only apply a teeny tiny amount, you'll be left with a sticky face. And that is not the most pleasant feeling when you're under the sun with 40 degrees outside! Thank God they invented hats. Moreover, it's non-comedogenic, so it hasn't clogged my pores too much.

I don't think I'll repurchase it in the future simply because I'd like to try something new, but it's a very good product with a little price (I only paid €14 for it).

Bionike Defence Sun


  1. cara ciao, scusa il disturbo!
    volevo chiederti dove avevi trovato i mini-magnum 5 kisses! lol
    sono adorabili e volevo provarli, ma non riesco a trovarli da nessuna parte! #epicfail

    bisous e viva la bionike sempre e comunque ;)!

    1. Strano, io li trovo anche singolarmente un po' ovunque! Comunque quelli li avevo presi alla Carrefour :) x

    2. a quello di Chieti?! btw, grazie per l'info! :)

      PS. ho realizzato ora che il mio sospetto di "trovarti familiare" è stato confermato ora!
      anche se temo non ti ricorderai affatto di me, ma ora ho avuto come un flash-back lol, e mi sono ricordata! (probabilmente perchè sono particolarmente fisionomista lol) x

    3. Yes!

      PS: penso proprio di ricordarmi chi sei. Un tuffo nel passato ahahaha :)

    4. Oddio davvero, haha?!
      Btw, si, è proprio un bel tuffo nel passato lol!
      Come stai comunque tutto ok?! :)

    5. Tutto ok :) tu? Comunque il tuo tumblr mi piace da morire ♡

    6. ah, mi fa piacere! ☺
      e si dai, anche io, non mi lamento, lol !

      ps: awn, ma grazie mille cara! ♥