Favourite bloggers of 2012

I feel like I really need to thank the bloggers whose work I've drawn inspiration from the most in some way, and the only way to do it for me is speaking about them in my blog. Here is a list of the blogs I've enjoyed reading the most during this year!


LLYMLRS + ETCLLYMLRS - if you've been on the internet for like 2.5 seconds you'll probably know who she is. Lily is a popular English blogger with a strong sense of fashion and thorough experience in make-up.

Pigments and Palettes - Meredith Jessica is a gorgeous girl with amazing make-up skill! I envy her so much ;) She does tutorials on Youtube, as well.

Cominica - I love Cominica's Korean and Japanese make-up reviews. She's great at kawaii nail-art and she recently started her own clothing brand.

Forestdoll - Marion's blog is about make-up, fashion and lifestyle. She's from the Philippines.

Airi - if you're looking for in-depth reviews of Asian make-up and clothing, Airi's blog is the place for you.

ASHLLYD - Ashleigh's blog is a recent discovery. I really like her photos, and I enjoy her weekly Instagram posts.

Gh0stparties - Kate is a popular beauty blogger from the UK; you'll probably already know her. She also has a Youtube channel.

Quiet girl - Valerie Chua is the most talented illustrator ever! Her works are seriously amazing.

I covet thee - Alix is one of the prettiest girls I've seen on the web. I like her blog and videos, but most of all her voice!

La vie en cosmetiques - Chiara posts about make-up both in Italian and in English. She's simply beautiful and talented.

Lipsofacto - I discovered Meg through her Youtube channel. At first I didn't like her, then I become more and more addicted to her videos! She's the sweetest girl :)

Petit Poppy - I swear I didn't copy her blog name ;) Cathy's blog is mainly about Asian make-up. I love her reviews.

Shadenfreude - This blog is owned by Alice, a gorgeous girl from the UK. Her fashion style is unique and so is her blog.

Sunny Makeup - Even though this blog is written in Italian, I wanted to include it in this post! You can find the most detailed reviews ever on Sunny's blog. I highly recommend it if you're an Italian reader :)

The Sunday Girl - Adrienne and I did a little swap earlier this year. She's such a nice girl! Her blog is updated very, very frequently with many different kinds of posts.

Vipxo - Victoria India has a very nice blog, visually speaking. She posts about fashion, make-up and lifestyle. I really like her wishlist posts!

Fenua Beauté - This year I've followed Anna during her year in the US as an au-pair girl via Twitter and her blog. Her reviews are always full of gorgeous photos.

Little forest girl - Chai is a lovely mori girl. Her blog is about make-up, fashion and awesome magazines!


  1. Aww thank you lovely for including me in your list ! And I swear I didn't copy your blog's name either :D ! I also love your blog and especially the beautiful pictures and great reviews. Happy new year :D !!

    1. Blog name twins ;) thank you so much, hearing this makes me so happy! I hope you have a great 2013 :D

  2. Hey Fran,
    Thank you for your comment! And thank you so much for including me on this list. It really made me smile. Amazing you're an Italian blogger too. I find it crazy people from all over the world read my blog aha :) Good luck with your blog, it looks really good so far! I've followed you on Twitter :) All the best, Ashleigh x

  3. Thank you for this post!!^^
    I love this kind of post because now thank to you I have discovered several blogs that interest me!
    I hope you had a pretty start of the year!( ノ^ω^)ノ♥


  4. Thank you so much for including my blog!
    I love the blogs you've posted too - I'm watching some of their videos right now :) xoxo

  5. nice post ^^
    I knew few of them.. they have great blog ^^


  6. Great choices, can't wait to go through some of these blogs :) x

  7. That's a great list! Most of them are new to me. Thanks!