A small beauty haul


Big sales have started here in Italy, and after saving up for months I decided to start spending my money. I went out yesterday and bought some clothes but mostly some make-up! Partially because I couldn't find anything interesting and partially because I didn't go out much in the past few months due to school, I had stopped buying new make-up. That was until yesterday! First of all I got a Bottega Verde Radiant touch corrector for the undereye area. Apparently, it's got Vitamin E and Vanilla extract in it. I don't suffer from bad undereye circles, but sometimes I could use a bit of concealer there.. especially on those dreadful Monday mornings. I used to use the MAC Studio Finish concealer both on the eye area and blemishes, but I wanted to switch to something lighter and suitable for the thinner, easily damageable areas such as the eyes area.

I also got (finally!) a face primer, the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust, also known as 'the green one'. It cost me a whopping €47,50! I've probably never spent so much on a make-up item (my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation cost me a few euros less), so I'm expecting a lot from it. I bought it without reading any review first, and when I came home I discovered that most of the reviews on Makeupalley are negative ones! So far I've only tried it by itself, without any foundation on, and I must be honest - it didn't do anything amazing. But I'm still crossing my fingers.

Last but not least, I picked up a China Glaze nail polish in the shade Nasty. I was in the car with my father when I saw a shop with a China Glaze stand - I made him stop so I could go in the shop haha! You might think I overreacted, but you must know that China Glaze and OPI are so hard to get here where I live. Surprisingly, this nail polish was only €6,50! I'm definitely going to get more every time I can go to that shop, because China Glaze's are one of the best nail polishes I've tried so far. 

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