L'Oréal Double Extension Mascara

For my first review ever, I choose a make-up product I recently bought - L'Oréal Double Extension Mascara. After seeing a few commercials on tv, I was convinced to buy it because I wanted to try the primer. Maybe I was naive, but I thought I could use it as a white mascara (which I really want but can't find anywhere!) .. but it turned up that no, it's not good for that.







After (one coat)


What I love about this product:
It works nice for me. I have quite long lashes myself, and this mascara lenghtens them even more, especially if I put more than one coat on. Also, the primer has Ceramide R in it, which makes it a great base coat.

What I don't like about this product:
It's quite thick, so removing it is not so easy; also, it doesn't separate lashes as I want to, so I usually apply another transparent mascara after the black coat to get the look I desire. Plus, it's really expensive for a student like me - it cost about €20.

I think it's a great mascara if you have short eyelashes, or if you want to make them look longer. I don't think I'd buy it again, not because it's a bad product, but just because I don't need it. Also, as I said, it's quite expensive for me. I've bought more satisfying mascaras for less! Again, it just depends on what you're looking for in a mascara.

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