A bad nail polish experience

A few days ago I was wandering in a little beauty shop in my town when I saw a golden sparkling nail polish. Since lately I've been developing a thing for all things golden and it was quite cheap, I decided to buy it. 

When I got home I opened it, and it had the worst smell ever - not the typical nail polish smell. I started to apply it, but one coat didn't cover completely my nails as I wanted it to, so I applied more (about three coats). I didn't like the final result at all; my nail was still showing, but I decided to keep it anyway and let it "ruin" so I could remove it more easily, as all the cheap nail polishes usually get damaged in a few days. 

But this one didn't! This one didn't even get chipped after one week, so yesterday I decided to finally remove it. It was AWFUL. It just didn't want to go away. I kept on rubbing and rubbing until some thin layers of nail started to fall off.. it didn't hurt, it was just painful to see my nails so damaged. Thank god I had a good nail hardener handy. So what I learned from this experience is: never, ever buy cheap nail polishes, even if they look nice, even if you have no money.

(by the way, the nail polish I'm talking about is by Donnapiù (unknown brand) and it doesn't even have a name or code. What the hell did I have in mind when I bought it?


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  1. It's really too bad!
    I often use cheap polishes and find them so great! I guess it depends on the brand ^^"