50 facts about me

1. I did rhythmic gymnastics for almost 10 years.
2. I could embroider my life away - if I ever fail at university, I want to work as an embroideress. Seriously!
3. My favourite author of all times is Jane Austen, I know her books by heart :)
4. I could never be a vegetarian. Meat is definitely my favourite food! Also, it's one of the few things I eat. I have very difficult taste in food :(
5. My favourite make-up products are lipsticks. I own way too many!
6. I have iced lemon tea every morning for breakfast.
7. I'm Italian, but pasta makes me sick. Weird, I know!
8. Flowers make me genuinely happy. My favourites are peonies :)
9. I'm a bit OCD about my room - I need everything to always be in place!
10. I absolutely love fashion and I would love to work in the industry. Working for a fashion magazine would be a dream come true (why am I studing Law though? Nobody knows)

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11. I have always loved reading. I read my first book without pictures at the age of five and I still have it in my library :)
12. I have an iPhone 4s and it's my favourite thing ever, haha!
13. I have been to Switzerland, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Croatia, UK and Ireland so far.
14. I never, ever wear brown. I think it's the most unflattering colour ever!
15. I love learning new languages.
16. I moved to Rome, Italy in mid-September to attend university.
17. I have a younger brother called Giorgio. People say we have the same voice!
18. My favourite singer is Florence Welch. I love her music and her sense of style too.
19. My favourite poet at the moment is Eugenio Montale. He's Italian of course.
20. I'm completely arachnophobic. I could cry if I saw a spider on tv.. imagine what I would do if I saw it in my room!

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21. I love animals with all my heart, especially dogs. But as I said before, I could never be a vegetarian! :(
22. I don't eat shellfish. I don't eat much fish at all actually, but I love smoked salmon!
23. I am a morning person. I get sleepy after 8pm, haha!
24. I hate rain with all my heart and I don't see how people can like it!
25. I'm very bad at small talk - I never know what to say.
26. I think I look much younger than I actually am.
27. On that note - I don't ever want to become old!
28. I hate horror movies. Why do people like to be scared??
29. I have often been told that I look like someone from the 18th/17th/16th century. Basically it seems like I'm not from this century!
30. My favourite movies are Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, Atonement, John Wright's Pride and Prejudice and The Virgin Suicides.

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31. I don't watch much tv at all.
32. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my Instagram and Twitter!
33. I love blogging. I opened my first blog when I was only 11 and it was like a diary for me.
34. I hate going to the beach - I hate the sand, I hate being half naked in front of strangers, I hate the dirty water.. :S
35. I am so romantic I think it might be an issue.
36. I have never smoked and I never will. I just don't see the point in it.
37. I don't drink alcohol, partly because I don't like the taste of it and partly because I don't see the point in getting drunk. I like to be in control of myself!
38. My favourite painting of all times is Primavera by Botticelli. I saw it in real life twice and I could have spent the whole day looking at it!
39. I can't do my nails for the life of me. I think they look awful, but I can't do anything about it!
40. I've been reading Vogue magazine since 2005.

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41. I always try and watch movies in their original language.
42. I once won a Marc Jacobs bag on a Twitter contest!
43. Two of best friends I've known since I was 3 years old, the other two since I was 11.
44. My mum wanted to call me Rossella.
45. I have recently caved in and switched from an old Acer laptop to a MacBook Pro, and I couldn't love it more.
46. Sometimes I wish I was a man just so I could wear beautiful sartorial blazers. 
47. I own a sewing machine, but I like hand-sewing better.
48. I wore braces for most of my life. I finally removed them earlier in June and now I have great looking teeth, haha!
49. My dream in life is to have a brilliant career and to be known as a well-read woman.
50. I think that the only type of jeans that fit me are second-skin ones. Other ones just make me look fat!


  1. What other languages do you speak? I tried to learn Italian but I failed terribly.

    1. Everybody says the Italian language is hard to learn! I only know English and a bit of French and German :)

  2. Point 37 - I have the same attitude to alcohol, well, we have sth in common!

  3. I don't wear brown too - what an ugly color!