NYX Jazz Night palette

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I recently received the NYX Jazz Night eyeshadow palette in a swap and I've been testing it out for the past few days. It's a really pretty palette that features both neutrals and coloured shades. The first row contains a matte black, a shimmery blue, a very pretty silver colour, a shimmery yellow and a purply magenta; the second row contains a shimmery white colour, a gorgeous olive shade, a dark purple, a medium dark brown and a shimmery lilac pink. 
The first thing I have noticed when swatching the different eyeshadows is that they're not the same, pigmentation- and finish-wise. The black, yellow and white are quite chalky and they don't show up much. The others are much softer, pigmented and easy to work with! My favourite shades are the dark olive shade, the brown, the magenta and the pink. I made a whole look using them together and it was stunning!

What I really like about this palette is that you can create lots of different looks with it. I just wish the colours all had the same pigmentation! Also, the size of this palette is very convenient - it's about the same size as an iPhone, which makes it perfect for carrying it in your bag or travelling. Anyway, for what you're paying (around $8) it's a really nice palette and I would recommend it if you don't mind too much about the quality of some of the eyeshadows.

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  1. this is so dark palette. It's great for smoky eyes!


  2. Ooo this is interesting, it looks so high end?! Can't believe how cheap it is! New follower:) Love Em xxx emtalks.co.uk

  3. The colors look amazing, too bad they're not all good :/

  4. Mh, la NYX ha un sacco di cose interessanti e le palette mi intrigano parecchio. Questa perĂ² ha colori che decisamente non mi piacciono, mi sembrano davvero troppo 'cupi'.. Non so, non mi attrae :|