Essence Cutie Mac Cutie

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Essence Cutie Mac Cutie is the newest addiction to my lipstick collection. I'd originally purchased it to be a giveaway prize, but unfortunately while I was in the store swatching dozens of lipsticks it fell, the cap flew away and the tip got broke :( nothing major though!
Anyway, Cutie Mac Cutie is a pink glittery lipstick with a frost finish; it has a creamy consistency and it glides on very smoothly on the lips. I really like its texture! It has an average staying power of 2-3 hours, after which it'll start to fade gradually. I think that it can look a bit too much if applied all over the lips; I like to dab it just on the center of my lips to make them look plumpier and more 'tridimensional'. In the photos, however, you see me with the product applied all over the lips, just to give you the idea of the shade and finish!

I think that it's a very nice lipstick for the (very, very) low price and I think that Essence should add more shades to their lipstick line, because there are just a few nice ones while the other look a bit dated and 'Nineties'.

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Have you ever tried any Essence lipstick? What di you think about them?


  1. Looks really nice on you! I loooove Essence! It's cheap and it's really worth it. I love these lipsticks cuz they're tiny and they smell sooooo gooooood! Like candy or something!

  2. You have really beautiful deep set eyes :))


  3. such a pretty shade. I have never tried essence lipsticks... love this on you :)

  4. Looks quite cute on you x

  5. such a pretty colour!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  6. looks very pretty :) love the color , it looks great on you.

  7. Beautiful colour and looks very nice on you!

  8. Where do you usually find Essence? I think I've only seen it around once and I can't remember where. What I find interesting about the lipstick is that it looks very different on you than it does in the tube, but I'd really like to try these!

    1. I find it in a clothing store called OVS, but I think they only have stores here in Italy :(

  9. Bellissimo! Oggi andrò all'OVS e spero di trovarlo. Mi piacciono molto i rossetti chiari e perlati.