Inglot Freedom System Palette


When I was in Valencia, Spain  during the cruise I did last month I had the chance to do some shopping at Inglot. Inglot is definitely one of the most popular brands between bloggers and make-up gurus, so I decided to try out a few eyeshadows. I love the fact that you can create your own customized palettes thanks to the Freedom System! After swatching tons and tons of eyeshadows (the selection was huge, really. I wish I'd taken a photo of the stand), I picked up three.

Matte 360, Matte 341, Matte 319

As you can tell from the photos, they're all neutrals - you've probably heard me saying I pretty much only use neutral a thousand times! There were some stunning, hyper-pigmented golds in the store, and please don't ask me why I didn't get those or even noted their number down, because I just don't know! 
Anyway, Matte 360 is a cool toned light brown, perfect for crease defining. Matte 319 is what I call an "antique pink". It's blue toned and it looks great applied all over the lid, it gives definition to the eye and it looks very natural. Matte 341 is a nude beigey brown. Those were €7 each, and the palette was free! :D I don't know if it was like a special promotion for that store; if not, you better hurry to your Inglot counter! Getting the palette for free is a huge deal!
I couldn't be happier with the eyeshadows I got. They're all very pigmented, they don't crease, they're buttery soft. The palette is sturdy (and it definitely looks professional); I wouldn't fear carrying it in my bag. They're definitely worth the hype, and considering each one is €7, they're much less expensive than M.A.C ones. I believe they're bigger too! Go get you some Inglot eyeshadows if you can :)

Matte 319, Matte 341, Matte 360

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