Some mail love

Santa was a bit late this year. Today my mail box was exploding: I received a giveaway prize from Red Leaf I won on Shrimp Salad Circus, my long awaited decoden purchase from Shangai, a letter from an American penpal and a Christmas present from my best friend!


Here's what I got from Red Leaf. I was supposed to get this long time ago, but I guess it got stuck at the custom-house. It's a handmade face moisturizing lotion with oatmeal, milk and honey! It has a super nice smell and I can't wait to try it. The small bottle is a sample of the same product.


And this is my decoden order! I'm still waiting for another one before I start my project though, I need more rhinestones. I got 300 pearlized peachy rhinestones 2mm wide. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought these, because I thought they were bigger! They are so tiny instead. I was probably attracted by their colour. I bought 6 rose cabochons and a mix of 100 pearlized cabochons as well. I got everything on Etsy for a very low price, and I think that's why they took so long to get to me (almost 2 months!) 


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  1. How wonderful to get all that great mail! :D Those roses are so pretty!!