Things I'm loving at the moment

The purpose of this blog is sharing what I love with you, and there are times when all I can think about has nothing to do with make-up! ;)

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I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest right now. I opened my account years ago when nobody used it and kind of forgot about it; last week I downloaded the app on my iPhone and now I can't stop scrolling! The amount of interesting things I found there is just insane. Some of my favourite Pinteresters (?) are Griottes, Twigs & Honey (my dream is to marry in one of their dresses) and Raising Up Rubies. You can find my boards here :)

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I am in a serious DIY kick right now, which is not exactly ideal as it's so time consuming and I have exams coming up! Since I came back in December I have completed a little embroidery work you can see in the photo above, and I have started experimenting with calligraphy. I definitely want to get better at it - if you just type 'calligraphy' on Etsy, some seriously talented people's shops will show up!  

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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Oana Befort's website and the artsy side of me could not help but grab a brush and a set of watercolour paints and start experimenting! If anything pretty ever turns out, I will definitely update you about it :)

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Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014. Honestly. Too much beauty. And Valentino, too.. it truly amazes me that there are people that are still able to actually sew and embroider masterpieces like these.

 elie saab haute couture spring 2014

What about you? What are you obsessed with at the moment? 

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