Kiko #251 Rosa Peonia

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Kiko is an Italian make-up brand which is expanding more and more nowadays - I heard they've recently opened their first store in London, but they're still not available in the US. However, they're particularly known for their huge selection of everything, for which they are often compared to MAC, except Kiko is a low cost brand. I've been purchasing from them for years now and I have to say their products are kind of a hit or miss, especially in the nail polish section. The Kiko nail polish #251 Rosa Peonia is a beautiful fuchsia shade with a purply blue reflex running through it. I think it's a dupe for OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia, but I've only seen it in store so I can't compare them! This nail polish doesn't come out completely opaque, and even after two coats you can see your nail peeking through, so I would suggest applying a nude base before it. It has a good staying power; I didn't experiment chipping at all, but after a few days I could notice some tipwear (probably due to the fact that I'm constantly typing on the computer or my phone). My only complaint about Kiko nail polishes is that they take absolutely ages to dry! Have you ever tried them? What do you think about them?

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  1. Super pretty colour! It looks like a good dupe for OPI La Paz-itively Hot, but I can't be sure, lol. <3

  2. Beautiful color <3
    I never tried KIKO polishes... have to!

  3. wow, beautiful.