BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral palette


After waiting for two whole months for it, my BH Cosmetics order finally showed up on the last days of June. I had been wanting one of those huge eyeshadow palettes for a while, and when I heard of a 50% sale on them I just couldn't resist! I also threw a duo fiber stippling brush in the basket, as it was only $5.21.
I am all about neutral eyeshadows, so although the other 88 colours palettes were appealing, I preferred choosing the 88 Color Neutral one, as I was sure I'd get more use out of it. My dream neutral palette is still the Naked 2, but I can't splurge on it at the moment.


As I mentioned before, I received this order after a long time. It took about a month to come to Italy from the US, and then the custom house kept it for almost another month! It's just insane, and it will definitely keep me from purchasing cosmetics from the US in the future. I also spent $12.45 for the shipping, and €11.00 for custom taxes! However, when the package finally got to me, I was very pleased with the carefulness everything was packed with: the palette was literally buried under layers and layers of paper, so none of the little pans got broke.


The single eyeshadows are really small -the size of a 2 cent coin- but there are so many colours that even if you hit pan on one eyeshadow, you'll find a similar one. The palette has of course a wide colour range that can be used to create both day and night looks.
Pigmentation wise, they are pretty good; I don't use a primer just because I use eyeshadows only when I go out at night, so for a few hours I think I can skip it, but I bet you could get the best out of this palette using one. 
The only thing I haven't thought about when I purchased this palette is that it is not very handy for travelling, or even carrying around: it's too big and I'd be afraid to carry it in my suitcase.
Overall, I am very happy with this palette. It gives me the opportunity to experiment and try different looks every time I use it. I would definitely recommend it to beginners like me because it's definitely cheap, but good quality.

What do you think about BH Cosmetics? Have you ever tried their palettes?

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  1. I would like to see swatches of these eyeshadows!