My first Essie polishes: Clambake & Sand Tropez


Sand Tropez, Clambake

Ever since I joined the make-up online community months ago, one of the brands that I had always wanted to try but that wasn't available where I live was Essie. Luckily someone heard my prayers and magically made a Essie stand appear in my local shopping centre!
As my first Essie polish I wanted to get a staple shade, something that I knew I'd use without a doubt. Sand Tropez was my choice: as the name suggests, it's a sandy beige with grey undertones. I used to wear H&M Nerd all the time before this. I like my nails not to be overly flashy because their shape is not so nice!
Sand Tropez only needed 2 coats to achieve perfect opacity and even clumsy people like me have no troubles applying it.
The second Essie nail varnish I bought a week later than the first one and it's Clambake. I was looking for an orange corally red and I believe this shade is perfect for summer! Unfortunately, not even three coats will make this look opaque; the white bit of my nails will still show and that is so annoying. I haven't worn it since I discovered this, but next time I will probably wear a nude shade under it as a base. While I was happy with my first purchase, I wasn't so pleased with my second one. Spending €11,95 for a nail polish is something that I'm willing to do only if I'm sure it's worth it, but I know formulas can vary from nail polish to nail polish, so next time I'll do some more research before spending my money!

Clambake, Sand Tropez

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