Barbie Eye Green Circle Lenses - sponsored by Dbeautyshop

Today I'm going to review a pair of Barbie Eye Green lenses I received from Dbeautyshop! Dbeautyshop is an online store established in Malaysia. They sell the most famous circle lenses brands such as EOS, GEO and so on, but also Skin79 BB creams and My Beauty Diary facial masks.



My Barbie Eye Green lenses came with an animal lens case and a Skin79 BB cream sample I can't wait to try :D 


Diameter: 15.8mm
Water Content: 48%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 Year (Recommend Use For 6 Month)
Price: €37.52


I like them so much better than my first ones - the Eos Adult Blue I reviewed in this post. They look much more natural on me, maybe because their colour is closest to my natural eye colour LOL I think it's also because I wore some make-up with them. They're quite comfortable, I really have nothing to object on that :) As I said in my previous contact lenses review, I don't need glasses. These were without any prescription power and didn't interphere with my view at all.

without flash

As you can tell from the photos, their design is quite particular. When I saw them I thought "oh no, they'll look so fake on me" but then it was the exact opposite! The spiral design blended perfectly with my iris.
I think these are more than perfect for anyone who wants to have huge eyes -their diameter is a stunning 15.8mm!- more than just experimenting new colours, because these have pretty much a natural effect ^^
I am really pleased with these and with Dbeautyshop overall! I can't wait to repeat this good experience with them!


  1. I've seen a couple of posts where you've had colored contacts in. I've never had glasses or contacts, and I never wanted them, until I saw your posts. My eyes are brown and my father's are green and my mother's blue, so I feel left out. I just don't know if I'd be comfortable sticking something on my eye. I took my grandmother to the eye doctor yesterday and nearly fainted when he touched her eyeball. But you've got me considering them...

  2. @KathyB I've tried about 10 types of cosmetic contact lenses so far, and almost every of them was really comfortable. I couldn't feel them on my eyes! Putting them on can be a little tricky in the beginning, but I assure you they're great afterwards :)