Anatomicals 'Snog Me Senseless' lipbalm

Some time ago I made a little Anatomicals haul; today I'm going to talk you about a product I'm completely in love with: the Snog Me Senseless lipbalm.


I was immediately attracted by the nice, simple packaging and the name - it's so funny! Also, I'm a lipbalm collector so I thought I could add one to my stash. It was cheap as well (it cost about €3) so I didn't think twice about buying it. This is such a good product for me. It comes in a tube and it has no pigmentation, it's just a regular clear balm. When you apply it, it leaves a strong, fresh minty feeling on your lips for more than half an hour! Moreover, it has a nice glossy finish. I think this lipbalm is perfect for those who often have sore lips, especially in the winter.


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